Things You Should Know About the 89th Academy Awards

Things You Should Know About the 89th Academy Awards

The 89th Academy Awards, aka The Oscars,  are only a few days away (Sunday, Feb. 26 to be exact) and any film buff will tell you this is basically the Super Bowl for movie fans. With so many celebrities and movies, there’s a lot to know! Here’s a quick guide to teach you a few of things you should know about the 89th Academy Awards:

What are The Oscars?
Without going into a history lesson, it is a night when the best films of the year and their cast and crew are honored for their achievements.

Is it “The Oscars” or “The Academy Awards”? 
Potato, Potatoe. The term is interchangeable!

Who’s the host? 
Emmys gross read jimmy kimmel emmy awards
Jimmy Kimmel. Not to be confused with late night show host, and schoolyard kid who smiles a little too much, Jimmy Fallon

Why did I not hear about half these movies?
The Oscars oscars confused academy awards huh
One requirement for a film to be considered for nomination is that the movie is only required to play in Los Angeles for two weeks. This makes it difficult to watch them all due to limited releases.

Was it actually diverse this year? 
oscars diversity chris rock oscars 2016
YES! Almost half of all the actors and actress nominees are POC! This is a start!

What’s a “snub”? 
When someone clearly deserved a nomination but didn’t get one.

Who got snubbed?
NETFLIX bojack horseman movie star unfair first world problems
Amy Adams, “Sully” (yes, the whole movie), “Finding Dory” and others.

Did they really snub a Pixar movie? 
disney sad cartoons  comics pixar ellen degeneres
“Finding Dory” won’t be finding an Oscar that’s all I know…. But “Zootopia” is nominated! It’s not the same, is it? Sigh.

Can I vote for who wins?
oscars selfie
HAHA oh, you child. Nope! Only Academy members get to vote. This isn’t “The People’s Choice Awards, no offense.

Why is “Suicide Squad” nominated? 
confused really golden globes tom hanks golden globes 2014
Because the world is a cruel, confusing place. Honestly, though I don’t understand it either.

Who’s nominated for best movie?
Here is a helpful list to help you keep up! The front runner for best movie is the movie that talks about movies, “La La Land”. Pretty meta, huh?

Who’s actually going to win?
SAG Awards taraji p henson black girl magic blackgirlmagic janelle monae
“La La Land” is most likely going to win. Don’t fool yourself, though, “Hidden Figures” is the one who deserves the win.

Is there a prize for second place?
All nominees get a cute gift bag. Oh, and it’s valued at $232,000

When can you watch? 
The 89th Academy Awards will be live from Hollywood at 5:30 p.m. on ABC

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