Why Everyone Should Go to a Music Festival

Why Everyone Should Go to a Music Festival

Last October, I had the opportunity to experience a Generation-Y must-do: attend a music festival. I went to Desert Trip which took place at Indio, CA. Experiencing this has led me to believe that everyone should go to a music festival at least once in their life! Here is why:
The Experience of Camping
I know what you’re thinking: “Camping, seriously?” Yeah, seriously. If there is camping available, I highly recommend you do it! Not only will the venue be within walking distance for however long your festival lasts, but you will also have a chance to meet like-minded people! Nothing brings people closer than similar music tastes!
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Escape From Reality 
School, job interviews, life and so much more can be very stressful. So why not take a break, if only for a little while? You’ve earned it!
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Meet People From All Walks of Life 
Within the span of one day, I met people from Canada, England, South America and more! Everyone there is from a different walk of life, and getting to not only talk with people but also bond with them over music makes for some great times.
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Seeing Your Favorite Artist Live
If your favorite artists are playing a festival, then what are you waiting for? The emotions I experienced when seeing Paul McCartney for the first time was surreal. I finally understood what it meant to be a ’60s college girl in love with McCartney. Honestly, if you don’t start having something close to an emotional breakdown when watching your favorite artist, something might be wrong with you.

Learn More About Yourself Musically 
You know all those other small-print artists on the lineup? No? Well, now you will! Check out some of them, you never know which one will be the next big thing!
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Make Lasting Memories 
Ask anyone who has gone to a music festival what their favorite memory was and they will automatically start to reminisce about the good times. Personally, I will never forget the excitement of headbanging to Neil Young during a 22-minute song. Yeah, that happened. Wouldn’t you like to have those experiences?
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