Helpful Tips to Ring in a Positive New Year

Helpful Tips to Ring in a Positive New Year

2016 was a tough year, leaving many of us feeling drained, worried and downright icky. There were times many of us felt the need to drag ourselves out of a funk and force ourselves to be happy but I’ve been wondering, is that really a bad thing if you end up bringing some genuine positivity to your life? Here are some tips to help channel your positive energy and make a happier space for yourself in 2017!

Start exercising!
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Daily exercise, such as yoga, is proven to boost energy. The natural endorphins you get from a good workout can boost your mood, giving you more motivation to face the day head on! If the gym isn’t your thing, you can try some of these simple at-home exercises.


Don’t tear yourself down for any mishaps and road bumps you’ll come across
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I personally have the bad habit of being the hardest on myself. I’ll beat myself up over the tiniest mistake or blame myself when things go wrong. 2017 is the time to acknowledge that things aren’t always your fault and sometimes we make mistakes. Learn from them, don’t dwell on them.


Congratulate yourself for the little victories
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Don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself when you do something right! So you kicked butt on your first paper of the quarter? Treat yourself to a night in with Netflix! Little victories like this are cause for mini-celebrations.


Create a safe space for yourself
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This can be your room, a friend’s place, your office desk, your phone—anywhere that calms you down. Set aside a place for you to retreat to when things get too overwhelming. On a side note, the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC, Bldg. 42) and Bronco Student Center (BSC, Bldg. 35) make for good safe spaces, too!


Have a designated person
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Or people for that matter! Find someone that you can share your troubles and triumphs with. Having a physical person in front of you to share your highs and lows with can be emotionally healing. You don’t want to just take, take, take, though. Try to be that person for someone else too!


Find constructive ways to express all your ugly feels
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It isn’t healthy to ignore your less desirable feelings like anxiety, self-consciousness, jealousy and anger. What is healthy is letting them all out. Try out creative ways to express those feelings, whether it’s through journaling, sketching or dancing. Find what works for you and use it as a release.


Become your top priority
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I have personally decided to live by #selfcare2017 this year. I didn’t put myself first last year and it took a toll on my physical and mental health. This year, I’ve decided to prioritize my needs first, whether that means canceling plans with friends because I’m not up for it emotionally or putting my foot down when something is going wrong. Don’t be like old me and try to please everyone else. Put yourself first and everything else will follow.

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