Arielle Colon: An outgoing member of the ASI family

Arielle Colon

Arielle Colon is a recent Cal Poly Pomona graduate with her Bachelor of Science in anthropology, but said she would like to get involved in music supervision – a field of work where music and visual media are combined.

Colon has worked with Associated Students, Inc. Business Services since 2009 and will be leaving in September.

What has your experience with ASI been like?
“I love ASI, it’s like a second home now. I love the people that I work with; they’re awesome and I’ll be sad to leave. I’ll be leaving at the end of summer and I’m going to miss everyone.”

What are your job duties?
“I’m a student assistant. Basically, I take care of customers, make deposits for them for clubs and organizations because we handle all of their money here.”

What’s your favorite aspect of your job?
“The customers. There are those few that are always here, and you get to see them and know them. There’s also new people that you just see around campus and say ‘Hi’ to.”

Have you made friends with customers?
“Yeah I have, but it doesn’t happen often. It’s not like ‘Hey, let’s go hang out,’ but the often thing to
do is to say ‘Hi’ around school.”

What else do you like about your job?
“It brought me out of my shell. The fact that I have to interact with customers made me less shy and made me less closed.”

Does anthropology apply to your work?
“With the job duties, not really, but anthropology is so broad that you can apply it to anything having to do with people. So the way I interact with my coworkers and customers is that anthropological perspective.”

Are you going to seek a career in anthropology?
“I don’t want to work in anthropology, but I still love it. I’m not angry that was my major or anything, but I’m really contradictory. I kind of want to go two different ways: One is public health and the other is the music business.”

What would you like to do for a career?
“I want to get into music supervision, like choosing which bands and songs to feature on TV. It’s kind of like the new artists and repertoire – this big executive of record companies who go out and seek bands. Since bands don’t want to get signed so much anymore, they just want the exposure, music supervision is that way to get them exposure.”

What are you going to be doing post-graduation?
“I have an internship starting next week with Visionworks music management, which handles a couple of artists. They assign you an artist – mine is AM – and you have to do a big project on them and you get graded on how well you met the goals from the beginning, middle and end. My project is going to be in charge of the street team, so I have goals for starting it out, then meeting in the middle and finally – when I’m done with my internship – having all of those goals met.”

Who’s your favorite musical artist?
“The Strokes. I love them; they’re probably one of the few bands that I continue to like since I was in middle school. They’re so hip. Julian Casablancas is the hippest kid ever and I’d like to meet him.”

Are you trying to work your way up to working with The Strokes?
“I’m not the type of person to map out my future. I’m just kind of going with it right now, but that’d be cool. I’m not saying I’d hate for that to happen.”

What do you like to do in your free time?
“I love to read and watch Harry Potter.”

Which is your favorite book?
“That’s so hard – but The Goblet of Fire. It’s my favorite movie, too. It takes a completely different spin on the wizarding world. Throughout the course of the book there’s no Voldemort action, it’s just this huge competition like the World Cup. You know how people get crazy for the World Cup? The Tri-Wizarding Tournament is kind of like that.”

When did you start reading Harry Potter?
“When I was a kid and Harry Potter first came out, I tried reading the first one and I absolutely hated it. I was like, ‘What is this bleepness about a boy wizard?’ I wasn’t really drawn to it until I got to high school and I started watching the movies again and was like, ‘OK, this is kind of cool.’”

What other authors do you like?
“I love Ernest Hemingway, but I’d never want his world to be real. It’s kind of depressing.”