Habits to Pick Up Before the School Year

Habits to Pick Up Before the School Year

The impending chaos of going back to school is here which means we need to scramble to put ourselves together. Use this first week of school to get back into the swing of things to pick up some handy habits to help you conquer the school year.
Practice waking up early
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Make sure you get your sleep schedule down! Set a desired time to fall asleep and set an alarm (or alarms for those of us heavy sleepers) to make sure you actually wake up at a decent time. Having a regular sleeping pattern is good for your health anyway.

Plan your commute
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Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) is largely acknowledged as a commuter school with many students commuting from the Inland Empire, Orange County or even farther. That being said, if you find yourself commuting to campus, plan a go-to route! Figure out which freeway is the most convenient for you, and have alternate routes.

Meal prep if you can
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One of the best ways to save money as a college student is to meal prep. If you’re a busy student, try setting aside one day out of the week to cook meals to bring to school throughout the week. It will save you time, money and it’s a fun way to eat healthy.

KNOW your schedule
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The importance of memorizing your schedule cannot be stressed enough. Print it out, tape it to your refrigerator, save it in your phone, jot it down in your planner—just do what you need to do to learn it! Can you imagine forgetting what time your next class is? Ugh. Don’t do it, learn your schedule.

Speaking of planners—get organized and use a planner
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Never underestimate the power of a planner. Noting all of your important due dates, events and appointments in a compact planner can literally save your butt. No more excuses of “I forgot”; your planner has your back. Consider investing in a Passion Planner for a more stylish organization companion.

Schedule “me time”
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Get into the practice of scheduling “me time.” It’s easy to do in the summer when your workload is so light that every day is basically “me time,” but don’t lose yourself in the mayhem of going back to school. Otherwise, you might crash and burn midway through the quarter. Another thing: don’t feel guilty for treating yourself with “me time”; you deserve it.

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