Bronco Spirit Night at the BRIC

Bronco Spirit Night at the BRIC

Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) kicked off their annual Bronco Spirit Night on July 13, as a plethora of new Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) students packed the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC).

The soiree was held at the BRIC for the first time (compared to last year where the event took place at Bronco Commons and the BRIC pool) and offered students the opportunity to bond over games, food and music before the start of the quarter.

Students playing jenga at BRIC
Bonding is not bonding without life-sized Jenga. We don’t make the rules.

Students playing Connect 4 at the BRIC
We are so here for this life-sized Connect Four.

Students mingling at Bronco Spirit Night
Incoming students mingled and got to know one another before the start of a hectic school year.

Students playing volleyball in pool
Volleyball in the BRIC pool? Yes, please!

Students karaoking at BRIC, Bronco Spirit Night
Who doesn’t love a good karaoke sesh? Requests, anyone? “Bohemian Rhapsody“, please.

Students dancing at BRIC pool deck
Put your hands in the air if you’re proud to be a Bronco.

New students smile with Jamba Juice
All smiles from this lovely orientation group as they enjoy some refreshing Jamba Juice from the BRIC!

ASI tabling inside the BRIC
Inside of the BRIC, tabling booths were set up to showcase the various resources available to students, one of which being ASI’s Marketing, Design and Public Relations (MDPR) department manned by our student brand ambassadors.

“The atmosphere during Bronco Spirit Night was always very lively; the BRIC was always filled with eager freshmen and their energy always brought up the atmosphere,” said Bianca Ornelas, student brand ambassador for orientation group Fab 5. “The energy was great—you could feel the excitement.”

ASI Student brand ambassadors in the BRIC
Our student brand ambassadors unveiled ASI’s new “You Belong Here” campaign with a presentation that rocked our new Broncos’ socks off.

“I loved talking to the freshmen; they would come up to our table, eager to learn more about ASI—they had so many questions and they would become even more excited when I finished talking to them,” said Ornelas.

“[Their excitement is] the reason I joined the Fab 5! I wanted to help students learn more about ASI because I know my college experience would have been completely different without being involved with ASI,” added Ornelas. “MDPR is my family and I want everyone to find their place here on campus.”

ASI President Uriah at Campus Rec tabling
Spotted at Campus Rec’s tabling: ASI President Uriah Sanders.

Student climbing the BRIC's Bronco Peak
Incoming students were able to utilize the BRIC’s Bronco Peak—the highest rock wall in the Cal State University (CSU) system, standing over 50 feet.

Student playing video game inside BRIC Students enjoying video game inside BRIC
Others opted for ground-level activities by trying out the gaming systems courtesy of ASI Games Room Etc.

Students playing basketball inside BRIC
Students also got to utilize the courts for a game of hoops and dodgeball.

Students preparing for game of dodgeball in BRIC
Ah, what better way to bond than with being aggressively pelted by plastic balls.

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