The Phases of Watching an Olympic Event

The Phases of Watching an Olympic Event

It’s been four years since we last saw the Summer Olympics and two years since we last saw people sliding on frozen water at the Winter Olympics. However, regardless of the season, we all still go through the phases of watching an Olympic event. Below are the phases we know all too well.

The initial excitement and hype you only get once every two years
excited patrick star

You begin to feel nervous for all the competitors—even the ones from other countries
Jim Halpert concerned

The game begins and you start to cheer and become excited about sports… SPORTS 
happy football soccer usa fans with football heads lol

You get sweaty with anticipation for the event 
kim kardashian whiping kanye west #relationshipgoals

You marvel at the athletic ability of humans that are actually in shape 
michael fassbender surprised huh face

Their athleticism, in turn, makes you regret every ounce of grease you’ve ever consumed
squirtle crying while eating! :'^(

You begin to doubt your judging skills when perfection means nothing to Olympic judges
sharon osbourne judging sunday funday

The thought of running three laps around your house no longer seems like a big deal
BoJack Horseman exercise and being out of shape

When the team you were repping wins and you begin to tear up from happiness 
donald glover "childish gambino" crying (did you know he was in the movie The Martian? Crazy hu?)

You have an internal, and external, break down when the winner runs up to their mother who is watching from the stands… and oh my goodness, I’m crying… ugh.
crying kim kardashian LOL

Well Broncos, fire up the grill and get your Brazilian BBQ ready because the Rio 2016 Olympics are sure to be hot!

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