Why You Shouldn’t Get Involved on Campus

Why You Shouldn’t Get Involved on Campus

You’ve heard it from over peppy students and professors that exhibit more melancholy than an episode of Grey’s Anatomy: get involved on campus. But who cares about being involved? Who cares about making a great decision in college! Here’s a list of reasons on why you SHOULDN’T get involved on campus.

Who needs a nice long resume?
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Involvement is one of the best things you could have on your resume, but resumes are already long and boring as it is! Who needs all that experience on a resume? Ugh, can you imagine typing all that out? No, thanks!

Challenging yourself is for squares
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It’s always important to see what your limits are and get to know your own work ethic. But it sounds so dull. Plus, who would even want to experience the silliness that is overcoming challenges and experiencing personal growth? Please no, just no.

Meeting people and making friends is so old school
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When you are involved, you meet people who have the same mindset as you, which creates some amazing friendships—some of which may even last a lifetime!
Of course, that implies actually having one of these things called a “social life.” I’m fine being in my room waiting for friends to fall out of the sky.

Free food is overrated
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Did you know some clubs offer free food just for showing up to a meeting? All those carbs? Ew.

Why learn life skills? You’ve got your whole life to learn them
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Learning to network and being able to have a conversation with people are just a few of the things you learn once you become involved. Pretty soon, you’ll be shaking all those germ-infested hands and greeting people who contaminate the air with their loud obnoxious coughing.

Getting a job on campus sounds like a lot of work
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One of the most effective ways of getting involved on campus is by finding a job on campus. But then you will now have to walk a grueling five minutes to get from your job to your class. And you get paid? Who wants to keep track of all that money?

Traveling to conferences sounds tiresome
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Do you want to travel and see the world? If the answer is no, then don’t get involved! Some on-campus clubs are nationally recognized so they could offer travel experiences out of town, sometimes even state, to attend conferences. What’s the point, really, if you don’t have a nice camera?

Stepping out of your shell, but like why?
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It can be scary meeting new people and stepping out of that comfort zone you’ve so tediously built. Then again, stepping out of your shell does sound exhausting, both physically and mentally. Who wants to be tired?

Now you’ll actually have to talk about your accomplishments

At the end of the day, you can hold your head up high and feel proud of all the accomplishments you have achieved by being involved. This will, however, cut into all the time you could spend at home, eating twinkies and doing nothing.

If you would like to learn how to be involved on campus, be sure to check out the list of activities and organizations, even though that requires you to click the link and read. So much to do, ugh.

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