This… is… POMONA!!!

This… is… POMONA!!!

Spartan Training 

Have you ever dreamt about those rock-hard, sweat-covered and washboard abs of the men from “300” glistening in the sun? Ladies and gents alike either want a body like that or don’t mind looking at one.

To get closer to that sexy Spartan body you’ve always wanted, check out the newest Spartan training program –Spartan Training V. 2.0 – a high-intensity, speed and agility program hosted by the Bronco Fitness Center.

This group-training structured program is led and developed from the ground up by a couple of National Strength and Conditioning Association-certified personal trainers who are also CPP students. This proven instant success has already brought over 20 eager guys and girls coming back for more each week.

The four-week program offers two convenient sessions every Monday through Thursday at 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for fun and intensive trainings outside the CPP track across from Scolinos Field.

Workouts incorporate sand bags, giant tires and agility ladders as tools for the warriors. Daily workouts consist of agility, speed and strength circuits that hit all of the main muscle groups and teach the secret of the Spartans: Strength in progression.

Spartan Training includes 16 one-hour sessions for $40. That’s $2.50 a session! The refer a friend discount makes working out with friends much more convenient. You can’t do better than that for your dream body this summer.

Prepare for war with veteran trainees in Spartan Training V. 2.0. Returners can expect more intense workouts to further their progression from the previous program. Newcomers are highly encouraged and more than welcome to join the path toward that Spartan body.

Training ends Aug. 11, so hurry down to the BFC for more details or drop by one of the outdoor sessions to see the Spartans in action.

For more information, call the BFC front desk at (909) 869-2109 or visit