Brushing Off Stress at Paint Nite

Brushing Off Stress at Paint Nite

On any day, the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Games Room Etc. (Bldg. 35- 1110) is the place to meet up with friends, play games and have fun. But on Thursday, May 5, the Games Room transformed into something more. With four long tables set up in long rows, a corner of the Games Room became an art studio that would make any artist giddy with excitement.
Paint nite tables

Upon arriving, there was nothing but an empty canvas, three paint brushes, paint, snacks and a picture to be used as a model for the paintings. All we had to bring to the table was the desire to paint away the stresses of week five.
paint equipment

During the event, a person with prior painting experience guided us through the steps of creating an art masterpiece based off of the model. This quarter, Kimberly Loya, a Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) alumna, led our class of both inexperienced and experienced artists. “I was a graphic design major and also worked for ASI,” said Loya as she prepped her brush for the next step.
paint nite instructor

Looking around the room, one thing was perfectly clear: no two paintings were the same. There are no wrong answers in art, and Loya expressed that. Loya continuously encouraged students with a friendly “whatever you like.” The relaxed vibe of the event rubbed off on the students.
“This is my second time coming. They give great instructions,” said Vanessa Galvan, a hospitality management student.

We occasionally took breaks to allow the paint to dry. At this time, one could go over and enjoy snacks ranging from cookies to cupcakes.
food and snacks

Maybe it was The Beatles playing in the background, or maybe it was the concentration on creativity, but as we continued to paint, the feelings of stress began to dissolve.
painting progress
At the end of the event, we all got up and began to compare our masterpieces. Ben Elmagarisy, a computer and electrical technology student, said,”It definitely helps me de-stress.”
final painting pose

Often times, it is difficult to find time in the day to de-stress. But this free event hosted by the Games Room proved that there is still time to have fun and be creative. With a successful night of stress-free and happy students, it’s safe to say Paint Nite is here to stay.

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