The Perks of Hanging Out With Your Parents

The Perks of Hanging Out With Your Parents

Parents. They’re the ones who brought you into this world, the ones who occasionally embarrass you but also the ones who love you. Something happens in those awkward adolescent years where you’re too cool to be seen with them. But now that you’re a college student, you have the choice to spend time with them or not. Although it might not seem like it at first, there actually is a bright side to hanging out with your parents.

Warning: you might actually enjoy it.

1. Parents pay for your food.

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Eating out just isn’t the same when it comes out of your own pocket. Maybe it’s instinctual, or maybe your parents just pity you. Either way, parents like to feed their children. Shelf your new-found independence for a night and let your parents treat you.

2. You don’t have to drive.


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You probably commute from school to work every day which means that you sit in traffic for hours on end. It’s bad. That’s why if your parents offer to drive, take it! They probably don’t trust your driving ability anyway.

3. You get to see your parents at their most relaxed.

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Parents spend our whole childhood worrying over all the wild shenanigans we might get into. Now that you’re an adult, that’s all on you. Parents shouldn’t have to worry anymore since you’re busy being an adult. How about spending quality time with your parents as a thank you for raising you well?

4. Now that you are older, you get to hear all the real stories.

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Growing up, you most likely heard stories about how your parents would go out dancing with friends on the weekends. It isn’t until you’re older that you find out they were actually low-key socialites who used to DJ huge parties and run the streets with their photographer friends. Who would have thought?

5. Which also means you can start telling them some of your stories.

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“Remember that one time I pierced my septum and kept it hidden for three years?” Now they do.

6. Most importantly, hanging out with your parents means that you get to connect with them on an adult level.

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No more petty arguments over curfew or allowance. You’ve matured since then and your parents will respect that. You still have a long way to go, so take advantage of time spent with family. Use these moments to create valuable memories and form more lasting relationships between you and your parents. It’s all part of adulting.

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