How to Get Ready for Spring Intramural Sports

How to Get Ready for Spring Intramural Sports

Written by guest author Emily Beglarian

Spring quarter is filled with sunshine, studying and anticipation for summer break (or graduation for the lucky seniors out there). As you go shopping for new school supplies and your spring wardrobe, don’t forget to prep for the new season of Intramural (IM) Sports. Here are some ways to get ready:


1. Decide what sports you’re going to play

A boy considers his options by writing "eenie, meenie, miney, mo" on a blackboard.

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So many options: basketball, flag football, dodgeball, softball, soccer, and inner tube water polo.

2. Assemble your squad

Squirtle high-fives other Squirtle Pokemon.

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After all, the squad that plays together stays together.

3. Check the time slots on IMLeagues

Basketball player Rajon Rondo looks very upset by what he is reading.

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You don’t want to get too excited and sign up for a game the same night you have to close at work, right? Find out when you can actually play by double checking time slots here.

4. Sharpen your dodgeball skills

A student shows off his acrobatics as he dodges a dodgeball mid-air.

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You have trained for this your whole childhood. You’re finally going to show the court who’s boss! But first, maybe a little practice.

5. Remember that you only need $15 to buy your IM Sports All Access pass

Shaq shimmies and winks for the camera.

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$15 for unlimited access to to IM leagues and tournaments? Is this even a question?

6. Start shopping for shorts without pockets

Basketball player Russell Westbrook looks annoyed at a reporter.

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It’s always important to play by the rules.

7. Don’t be the one who forgets their ID for your game…

McLovin' from the film Superbad is caught awkwardly smiling with his fake ID.

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You and your friends are so stoked on the way to the game until you realize you forgot one of the most important things…your ID. Don’t be that person. Don’t.

8. Or the one who forgets shorts without pockets

An annoyed Kobe Bryant buries his face in his hands.

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9. Make sure your team knows what time they play

Kobe Bryant happily checks the time on the side lines.

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Do be punctual. Your team has a set time. Know it, respect it and follow it. Things will go by much smoother.

10. And yes, you do need to know how to swim for innertube water polo

Water polo fail: a swimmer falls into the pool after missing his friend's high-five

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Safety first, Broncos. Before signing up for a sport, please make sure you know the physical requirements for each sport.

11. Get ready to have fun because it’s game time!

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry dances court side

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IM Sports are always a great way to stay active and have a fun time with your friends!

Don’t forget, the Spring IM Sports are basketball, flag football, dodgeball, softball, soccer, and inner tube water polo. Purchase your All Access Pass at Member Services at the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC, Bldg. 42) or online at for the chance to play as many sports as you want! For more information, visit the Campus Recreation website, and like/follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!