How We Really Felt About Valentine’s Day (As Told By Beyonce’s Formation)

How We Really Felt About Valentine’s Day (As Told By Beyonce’s Formation)

The hectic, pink storm that is Valentine’s Day has finally blown over, and we can all let out a collective sigh of relief while we indulge in the insanely discounted chocolate from Target. The stress of looking for gifts for bae (or even just looking for a bae) is nothing but a distant memory now.

Here’s everything you felt during Valentine’s Day this year, as told by Beyonce’s latest iconic (and drop-dead fierce) single, Formation.

Pulling up to the restaurant in your boo’s hot whip
If that Prius that screams “broke college student” counts as a hot whip.

When you notice other people checking out your bae
Uh-uh, not today!

When they ask if you want those mozzarella stick appetizers
Yes, duh. Maybe some calamari too.

When those mozzarella sticks come out in only ten minutes
We’re going to Yelp about this great service.

When they say they’re treating you out to this meal
*pretends to be touched even though I expected you to pay in the first place*

When the restaurant is out of Sriracha sauce and your boo needs some spice
Who doesn’t?

When they ask why you have hot sauce in your bag…
Do you want the hot sauce or not?

Going to the mall to buy babe a last minute gift
Yes, spoil babe with all of the spare change in my bank account.

Ending up making them buy you something else instead
Now. I want it now.

When your friends call you spoiled for demanding so many things
*Cue Beyonce’s “Jealous”*

Getting with your squad and having a night out with the single ladies
Galentine’s 2016.

When you tell your boss immediately after Valentine’s Day to schedule you morning to night to earn back all the money your partner sucked out of your wallet
“I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it!”

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