Why Quidditch Should Be A Real Sport

Why Quidditch Should Be A Real Sport

Harry Potter has become an irreplaceable part of Generation Y’s childhood, and the wizarding world is definitely something we’ll always yearn to be a part of. But the best thing about this entirely different world (besides the magic, of course) is arguably Quidditch. And whether you belong in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, you can’t deny that you’ve always wanted to be as big of a Quidditch star as Viktor Krum.

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Flying around on a broom, being the center of roaring cheers and having a squad a million times cooler than even Taylor Swift’s infamous Bad Blood entourage are just some of the perks of being a Quidditch star. 

Accio, Nimbus 2000! Here’s every reason why we need to make Quidditch a real sport:

You’re literally flying.

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There is absolutely no cardio involved.

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If you’re the Seeker, you literally just sit there and look around for most of the game.

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Celebrations are always big after victories.

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You get to travel the world for the magic-filled, never ending party known as the Quidditch Championships.

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It’s always a good time to show your enemies how you feel about them.

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People look at you like this:

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The uniforms make you look like a warrior.

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It’s the closest we’ll get to receiving our acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

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Oh, the pain of being a muggle. Fortunately, Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Campus Recreation is making it possible for you to become the next Viktor Krum! This Friday, Feb. 19 at 3 p.m., Campus Rec will be holding their second Quidditch Tournament, free to all Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC) members. Get your house together and get ready to mount your Nimbus, Broncos—this is your chance for Quidditch superstardom.


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