10 Dates Under $30

10 Dates Under $30

Two questions always come to mind on Valentine’s Day: “Where in the world do I take my significant other?” and “How do I make more money?” Well, here is the answer to both these questions with 10 dates under $30.

parks and recreation april ludgate andy dwyer picnic
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Step one: buy some snacks. Step two: make some sandwiches at home. Step three: grab that old soccer ball some blankets from your closet. Step four: find a park. BOOM! You’ve got yourselves a very cute, romantic date. 
Snacks: $15

Star Gazing
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What’s cuter than lying on the hood of a car and seeing the stars? The best part is that this date is fo’ FREE! Make sure you drive out to your local stargazing spot
Stargazing: Free!

Jim & Pam the office Holding Hands
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For those couples who have a greater love for the outdoors, maybe you can go out on a fun hike! Hold each other’s sweaty hands as you talk about how much you love each other. Oh, love.
Water bottles: $5

Grease Danny and Sandy at the drive in
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Maybe you are a couple who enjoys the good ol’ days. Dress up like Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson and head out to your local drive-in movie theater.
Two tickets: $18
Snacks: $12

Music Session
Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing together
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This is what I would do with my significant other—IF I HAD ONE! But I digress. Well if you are a musical couple, maybe it’s time you play some music together. Grab your instruments and jam out! Nothing brings a couple together like music.
Music Sheets: Free online!

ferris bueller at the museum
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This is an amuseum idea! (Get it, amuseum, like amusing? Whatever.) Well maybe you are a couple who enjoys art? Go to a museum! Lots of them only charge donations, and those that do charge are pretty cheap.
Museum ticket: <$10 with Student ID

Game Night
big bang theory find waldo
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I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t board games end friendships?” Well I guess this is the true test of your relationship! Or maybe play some Twister for a more intimate game!
Twister: $19.99

Netflix and Cavities
 that 70s show eric forman donna pinciotti
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Staying home is the great American past time. This Valentine’s season, stay home with your favorite person! Buy a BUNCH of candy and binge watch The Walking Dead. That’s romantic, right?
Netflix: $7.99/month
Candy: $20

Fancy Dinner at Home
romantic dinner lady and the tramp
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Buy some cheap wine (if you’re 21 or older), order pizza, get some old candles, dress up in nice clothes and boom! You got yourself a fancy dinner night.
Wine: $10
Pizza: $10

Art Walks
tangled disney lights lantern
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Holding hands while walking by a bunch of beautiful art; what can be more romantic? The best part? Art walks are free! But maybe buy your person a pretty handmade necklace or a cool looking bracelet!
Cute trinket: $5

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