How We Really Feel About Being the Only Committed Friend (As Told By Taylor Swift)

How We Really Feel About Being the Only Committed Friend (As Told By Taylor Swift)

So you’re the only person who’s fallen in love in your group of single friends? How unfortunate for you… All of those gifts, paid for dinners, kisses, hugs, support and love must be so hard for you to deal with.

Okay, but really. Sometimes being the only committed friend in a group of single people can be a tough job! And with Valentine’s Day coming up, your very single friends are going to kick it up a notch when it comes to giving you a hard time for having a significant other.

Here’s how we really feel about that, as told by Queen of Never Being Single herself, Taylor Swift:

When you’re constantly being left out of single friend plans

Being hated on for having a significant other

When your friends say, “Look at you, you’re so in love,” like it’s a bad thing

Being called “whipped” or “obsessed”

Constantly being asked for dating advice

… and constantly having that advice ignored

Finally being invited to the single friend plans

Dancing at the club with your single friends on your not-so-single night out

When your very single friends tell you to stop because you’re scaring away the other single people

Trying to make up for it by reeling in a cutie for your single friend

When it actually works

And your single friend is now too busy to police your awkward dancing

When you and your babe have an argument and your friends bash on your boo (only you can do that)

When your friend and the person you set him or her up with don’t work out

When they blame you for it not working out

Getting ready to hurt anyone who mistreats your very single friends

Constantly being asked when you plan on getting married

Still loving your very single friends at the end of the day because you know that if you happen to be single again one day, they’ll be there for you

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