“Pretty in Pink” Turns 30: Best Moments from the Film

“Pretty in Pink” Turns 30: Best Moments from the Film

In what’s slated to be just about the BEST NEWS EVER, John Hughes’ quintessential teen drama “Pretty in Pink” is set to return to theaters on Sunday, Feb. 14 in celebration of its 30th birthday. Cue the internal screaming.

“Pretty in Pink” follows stylish outsider Andie (Molly Ringwald), who falls for rich kid Blane (Andrew McCarthy) at a high school divided by the masses of the less affluent from the other side of the tracks and the wealthy suburban, polo-wearing preps. The film also features Jon Cryer as Duckie ‒ Andie’s loveable, goofball of a best friend who’s also hopelessly in love with her.

In celebration of the film turning 30 – and in addition to me recreating Duckie’s dance to Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness” in the record store – below is a list of the best moments from the film. For locations and times of local screenings on Feb. 14, click here.


This movie truly is magical, so if you haven’t seen it, this article WILL ruin it for you. PLEASE STOP READING … and then continue once you’ve seen the movie!

OK, you’ve been warned…

Duckie being thrown in the women’s restroom.

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“I want the principal here; I want him here this instant! I’ll wait.”

Duckie dancing to Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness.”

…is what dreams are ultimately made of. Watch Jon Cryer recreate his infamous Duckie dance in all its glory on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

BLANE? His name is BLANE?

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“That’s a major appliance; that’s not a name!”

Andie and Blane at Steff’s party.

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When Andie gets the wrong idea after Blane suggests heading upstairs.

“These hands will remain in these pockets, I swear. Look at me here. I’m utterly defenseless.”
Take me away, ’80s Andrew McCarthy. Take me away.

Blane’s prom proposal at the railroad tracks near Andie’s house.

“If I were in a Turkish prison, I’d have a great time with you.” I’m not crying; you’re crying.

Duckie, heartbroken, listening to The Smiths.

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Same. Morrissey gets it.

Andie and Blane’s argument at school.

“You’re embarrassed to be seen with me!” Oh, Blane. You’re the worst.

Andie’s argument with her dad over her mom.

A heartbreaking scene with her dad, who still grapples with coming to terms with the fact that his wife left him and his daughter. Andie’s acceptance and insistence to move on is everything I aspire to be.

Andie deciding to go to prom alone.

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…only to find Duckie waiting for her.

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My love. Applications are currently being accepted for my search of my very own Duckie. Inquire within the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Marketing, Design and Public Relations offices.

Blane and Steff’s exchange during prom, which can also be seen below.

End scene where Blane and Andie kiss by the car and I die a little inside.


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