10 Things Every Intramural Sports Participant Can Understand

10 Things Every Intramural Sports Participant Can Understand

Written by guest authors Damajaha’ Netherly and James Weiner

Intramural (IM) Sports are always a fun and entertaining way to stay active and play the sports you love in a social environment. If you’ve ever played or watched sports, you know that there are a lot of experiences that everyone can relate to. If you haven’t had the chance of participating in IM Sports, we definitely encourage you to join in the fun.

Here’s everything you experience during one season of IM Sports:

When you think you’re the best player on the team.

When you have that one player always trying to show off.
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When you have to carry the team on your back, literally.

When it’s clearly the ref’s fault you lost.
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No, really it was.

When you have a game right after you just finished your midterms.
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When your team is outmatched, but still hanging on.
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When you’re upset after a loss.
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But you have that one teammate who’s still happy.
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When your team makes it to the playoffs.

When you win the championship and it’s all worth it.
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Join IM Sports during winter quarter and play basketball, volleyball, racquetball and indoor soccer. Register at RecPortal now until Thursday, Jan. 21 for a member fee of $15. If you’re new to IM Sports, join Learn to Play Volleyball or Learn to Play Basketball. For more information, visit the Campus Recreation website here.

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