Your Worst Black Friday Experiences

Your Worst Black Friday Experiences

The long-awaited holiday is here, and I’m not talking about Thanksgiving. I’m talking about the day that ruins family time, wreaks havoc on your bank account and deprives you of any and all sleep—Black Friday. In more ways than one, we all enjoy Black Friday, but we also can’t deny it’s kind of a horrible day that emphasizes capitalism over family, friendship and love.

From the hundreds of dollars spent on gadgets you don’t need to the angry middle-aged women that think designer sweaters are for playing tug-of-war, Black Friday can be a complete nightmare.

Here are some of our worst Black Friday experiences:

Losing your spot in line

“My parents left me to hold the spot in line at Best Buy [as they] were in the car sleeping because they’re terrible like that. I really had to go to the restroom, and I wanted to ask an attendant up front if they could let me in before opening to use it. I asked an elderly lady in front of me to hold my spot and she was super sweet and said yes. When I got back, that grandma denied ever telling me she’d hold my spot. I went home with angry parents and no new TV.” — Allen Young, second-year computer science major.

Watching someone take the last of what you want

“I was in line at Apple for pretty much a day, and when I got in, everyone was running and screaming and pushing, and by the time I even found what I wanted, someone was picking up the last one. I guess that’s what I get for staying in line with my friends when all I wanted was an iPad mini case.” — Vivianne Nguyen, third-year business administration major.

Getting elbowed in the face over an item you didn’t even want

“I was in line to buy my items and I happened to be standing between a Black Friday-crazed woman and a rack of clothes she apparently needed to have. She shoved my friend out of the way and elbowed me in the face in the process. I got a bloody nose, but at least I didn’t get it all over my new coat.” — Janelle Santos, first-year undeclared major.

Sustaining pretty serious injuries as a result of the crazy crowds (but still wanting to shop)

“I hate Walmart and breaking an arm there during Black Friday just makes me hate it even more. It was crowded, it was hot and a huge guy fell on me. I am barely five feet tall.” — Katrina Tabangcura, first-year undeclared major.

Deciding you’re done with Black Friday and hiding in a clothes rack

“One time, I lost my friend in H&M at the Brea Mall, and I had fifty of the mini-cookies we bought from Mrs. Fields. So I curled up under a clothes rack and ate the cookies until she called me.” — definitely not me.

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