The 6 Stages of Thanksgiving Dinner

The 6 Stages of Thanksgiving Dinner

To commemorate Thanksgiving, we’ve compiled a list of the stages that occur during Thanksgiving dinner – from the good to the pure ugly.

1. Pre-dinner e

The entire house is filled with the aroma of scented candles, the food is in the prepping stages, mumbled sounds of light chatter fill the air, and Harry Potter is probably playing on ABC Family in the background, since ABC Family loves their Harry Potter marathons.

2. Impending feels of hangry-ness

You’re getting a bit hangry, but the feeling of excitement still lingers as you munch on appetizers, and you’re sipping on fruity, holiday concoctions. All is well.

3. Pure bliss

The food has finally finished cooking. Pure bliss is widespread as everyone piles on food after food on a much-too-small plate. What could be better than this? More ham, please.

4. Delight

You’re feeling pretty content – heck, maybe even delightful – in catching up with the relatives you otherwise wouldn’t see on a daily basis. You’re still working on your fourth round of sides, so you don’t even really mind the humble bragging of that one relative who always feels the need to one-up people.

5. Feelings of inadequacy

You’re slowly losing ammunition after all that good food. Your relatives are commenting on your weight, inquiring on the status of your relationship in a condescending manner, and grilling you in future plans. Not even a fifth helping of sides could shake the inadequacy.

6. Sleepiness/food coma

The feelings of inadequacy aren’t such a big deal at this final, beautiful stage. You’re experiencing a major food coma, on the fourth round of that fruity, holiday concoction, and the meanderings of a young Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are lulling you to sleep as the Harry Potter marathon becomes but a dream.

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