The Five Kinds of Study Buddies We Encounter

The Five Kinds of Study Buddies We Encounter

You’re well into your first quarter of the year, and by now you’ve had your fair share of projects, quizzes, exams and assignments. This also probably means you’ve had your fair share of study buddies. We all know a good one is hard to find, but a bad one is too easy to come by.

Here are five of the study buddies you’ve had or will experience in the near future, complete with real life student accounts:

The Deceiver

This is the study buddy that boasts themselves as an A student. Their stellar participation in class might trick you into thinking they really know what they’re talking about—don’t be fooled. They’re just as clueless as you are, and their ramblings in class actually make no sense. They will use your study time to make you do their homework. Don’t even try.

“One time, I had a study buddy who told me he had a ton of notes we could use before our first midterm. When we met, he came with nothing but his phone, and when I asked him where his notes were, he just pointed to his head. ‘They’re all up here,’ he said. It was a tough four hours.” — Joel Longares, third-year business administration major

The Pusher

You already know studying with this person would be a disaster. They come to class forty minutes late, they never takes notes, they nod off during lecture and they’ve already failed a few quizzes and missed a few assignments. They see that you’re trying to get a good grade and suggest studying together, and you come up with some lame excuse about having class or work. They just keep on pushing, and your inability to say no or be mean results in agreeing to study together. Get ready to waste your time.

“I came up with every excuse to avoid studying with this person and they just kept asking and asking. I told them I had to commute so meeting was hard. I told them I had other projects to take care of. Finally, one day they asked again and I told them I had class… they had asked me to meet during U-Hour. That might’ve been the worst hour of my college career so far.” — Johnathan Nguyen, third-year computer information systems major.

The Socializer

This person seems like the perfect study buddy. They get their work done and they know what she’s talking about in class discussions. They don’t seem like a bad idea, and you finally ask to study together. You’re pleasantly surprised with a “yes,” and you feel like you’re on the road to success, but then you meet. You’re studying and suddenly all of their millions of friends show up and it’s just one big social luncheon, and you and your notes get lost in the mix. It’s probably best you sneak away before you’re forced to socialize.

“So me and this girl were the last to choose a partner in math class, so we got paired up. I commute and she dorms so we agreed to meet at the common room in her dorm. I join her and it’s all fine but then all of a sudden, ALL of her floor mates/friends join us. By the end of our studying, I realize I’m just this random girl in a room of about 20 people who are chatting and laughing, and I was so distracted by how out of place I felt, I couldn’t focus on math.” — Sara Montoya, third-year art major

The Bailer

You’ve finally found a good study buddy! They do their work, they’re studious and they’re willing to study with you… except they never show up when you agree to meet. It’s always “Turns out I can’t make it” or “Can we reschedule?” with this student. Maybe they really are just truly busy being the stellar students they are… or maybe you’re The Pusher. Either way, this situation sucks.

“I had a study buddy that I had a good session with the first time we got together to hit the books, but I never saw him again unless it was in class. He was always telling me he was busy or that something came up. I don’t know what I did wrong…” — Kevin Nguyen, second-year biology major.

The Grade-A Dictator

And this study buddy has definitely made it clear that they are the boss. They make the call on what you’re studying that day, they assign everyone which chapter to take notes on and perfect is just not good enough for them. A’s are what they’re aiming for, and things might get exhausting with them, but you said you wanted an A, didn’t you? This is no time to slack off; you’re probably in the presence of the next president.

“This one study buddy I had scared me so much. She was always so serious and stern and just… unapproachable. She was a bit bossy, but I can’t really complain; the hours of studying and being her study servant got me a high B, so I guess it worked out.” — Katrina Tabangcura, first-year undeclared major.

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