The Stages of Being at Disneyland All Day

The Stages of Being at Disneyland All Day

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth, and for good reason. It’s filled with magical rides housed in a quaint, clean environment, various food carts with a sum-total profit that likely exceeds our college tuition, and charming characters in costume who happily and warmly pose for photos when they aren’t taking smoke breaks at the ugly, backside of the park. It’s the best place on earth and I love it so.

However, the experience could be less than enchanting on those days where the park’s at high capacity, the sun’s blazing and you’ve spent more time waiting in lines than on actual attractions. This is especially true when you’ve purchased those regular one-day tickets; you’re faced with the overwhelming obligation to experience every single attraction because you paid an arm and a leg to visit the park. The struggle is too real, so this article will therefore chronicle the stages of being at Disneyland all day – from the good to the pure ugly.

1. Anticipation the night before the trip
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You’re tossing and turning and desperately trying to get some shut eye but can’t because the anticipation is too much. You fall asleep for what feels like ten minutes when your alarm goes off. You’re excited and feeling pretty good, but the lack of sleep will ultimately resurface and become more prominent as you near the final stage of your trip.

2. Excitement during the morning car ride 
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The entrance is a bit congested and it’s taking a while to get to the yellow-vested parking people in their tiny ticket compartments, but all is well because feel-good music is playing on the radio and you’re SO ready for overpriced Dole whip and churros.

3. Pure bliss upon entering the park
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How great it is to be in an environment where selfie sticks are prohibited! There are middle-aged men wearing socks with sandals, tourists with fanny packs and visors and workers dressed in layers unaccommodating to the heat, standing around with cameras. You’re filled with bliss as souvenir stands and beaming children greet your arrival.

4. Imminent crankiness from the heat and crowds
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This is where things start to get ugly.  Bliss is slowly dwindling as you make your way through heavy crowds stemming from walkways being closed off to accommodate scheduled parades, soccer moms in yoga clothes are drafting you with their expensive strollers and the weather resembles a sauna.

5. Anger and subsequent body aches
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The final stage: you’re borderline cranky and exhausted on the tram ride back to parking. Everyone’s on the brink of snapping at each other. You’re contemplating the ramifications of throwing an annoying child overboard. The park gets smaller as the tram moves further away, and you’re tiredly dreaming of bed.

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