How We Really Feel About Commuting to Work (As Told By Rihanna)

How We Really Feel About Commuting to Work (As Told By Rihanna)

Whether it’s a part-time job, a full time job or a temporary job, having one at all is a blessing, really. But just because we’re lucky to have it doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to complain about it. The commute, for instance, can be a pain in the you-know-what, especially if you have to take freeways to get to work.

Here are a few of the things that annoy us commuters, as told by the sass queen herself, Rihanna.

Having to wake up earlier because you know how long the commute can take.
Rihanna making a pouty face.
Hands off the snooze button!

And how long you take to get ready.
Rihanna crosses her eyes and says, "Time to get pretty."
I definitely did not wake up like this.

Having to say goodbye to your bed before you leave for the day.
Rihanna sings, "Something in the way you move makes me feel like I can't live without you."
“I love you. I’ll be back soon.”

Finally getting into your car and leaving just to get a call from your coworker that he’d/she’d like to carpool last minute.
Rihanna on the phone rolls her eyes and says, "What?!"

Getting to their place and having to wait outside for ten minutes because they still aren’t ready.
Rihanna holds up a cardboard sign that says, "C'mon SON!"

When your coworker finally gets into the car and they have breakfast… for one.
Rihanna shakes her head disapprovingly.

When they eat it all without offering you a single bite.
Rihanna cries and says, "I lost my best friend."
Very rude.

When your jam comes on.
Rihanna plays air guitar.

Or Ryan’s Roses. And the husband fails to send the roses to his wife.
Rihanna gasps and covers her mouth in shock.
Good, old Ryan Seacrest, ruining marriages across America during your morning commute.

When your coworker thinks they can just change the station.
Rihanna side eyes someone very angrily.
So very, very rude.

When your windows are rolled down and the car next to you is playing Nicki.
Rihanna dances along to a song.

When your windows are rolled down and the car next to you is playing Iggy.
Rihanna gives a dirty look as she rolls her car window up.

When you’re driving at a reasonable speed but someone still tailgates you, then goes into the lane next to you to try to cut you off.
Rihanna holds her hands up and says, "Please."

But they realize their lane is slower, so they get back behind you again.
Rihanna sings, "You look so dumb right now."

Seeing all the brake lights and upcoming traffic ahead.
Rihanna's eyes are very wide as she says "Oh my god" repeatedly.

Sitting in said traffic.
Rihanna sits on a throne lazily as dancers prance around her.

When some self-righteous driver thinks he/she can just cut in front of everyone who’s been patiently sitting in traffic and tries to merge in front of you.
Rihanna wags her finger disapprovingly.
Study your traffic etiquette.

When said driver gets upset at you for putting him in his place, aka behind you.
Rihanna winks as she takes her sunglasses off.

Finally making it to work.
Rihanna brushes her shoulder off as she gets a standing ovation.
Rihanna shows off her award as she laughs.

Walking into the office like:
Rihanna dances down the Victoria's Secret runway.
Mama I made it.

Realizing you’ll have to do it all over again tomorrow.
Rihanna sings, "I don't want to do this anymore."

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