Chris Bashaw: Serving CPP in a whole new way

Chris Bashaw: Serving CPP in a whole new way

Chris Bashaw

As an incoming third-year communication student concentrating in journalism, I’m stepping into a whole new world at Associated Students, Inc. and Gas Creative Group – but I’m doing so with a stride.

I’m Chris Bashaw and I’ve found that curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat; rather, it’s ultimately the key to make one’s self and interests more applicable in an increasingly diverse world.

You can find artists as vastly different as Nujabes, Belle and Sebastian, Tokyo Police Club and Rammstein in my iTunes library and you’ll see my actual library has Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” shelved alongside Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and John Green’s “Paper Towns.”

For fun, I like to take my Nikon out for a stroll through Cal Poly Pomona, Downtown Claremont or even Old Town Pasadena and shoot to my heart’s content. I admire and am inspired by the works of great photographers such as Ansel Adams, Robert Frank and Paul Strand.

My passion for writing arose when I began writing poetry as a high school freshman. I’ve written hundreds of poems and prose throughout the last six years, but numerous computer failures and lost notebooks have whittled that amount down to a mere handful.

Although it has been a year since I’ve written for a creative purpose, just thumbing through this past year’s issues of The Poly Post will reveal that I have been an active student-journalist doing what I plan to do with ASI: Serve you, my fellow students at CPP.

I began journalistic-style writing in my senior year of high school when I was one of approximately 28 other students who decided to revive our high school’s newspaper after an eight-year dormancy. For the following two summers, I worked as an intern and reporter for three local newspapers in Orange County: The Capistrano Dispatch, The Dana Point Times and The San Clemente Times.

My sophomore year at CPP was highlighted by my involvement with CPP’s campus newspaper: The Poly Post. There, I served the fall and winter quarters as copy editor and became the news editor for the duration of the spring quarter.

Through my editorship, I became increasingly familiar with the many faces of CPP’s various departments, administration and student government.

I believe maintaining the line of communication between you and these leaders is paramount to the success of not only CPP, but to each and every one of you who attends this incredible university.

As a new member of ASI, I’m more than happy to apply one of my life’s passions to continue informing you about the wonderful events and opportunities this university has in store for you and how your leaders are working for your benefit.

So, I leave you with this: Tune your eyes and ears into your own curiosity and the possibilities at CPP, and I’m sure your college experience will be supreme.