Improving Your Instagram Look

Improving Your Instagram Look

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular apps used by Americans aged 18 to 34 years old.
A chart listing the most popular social media apps among Americans aged 18 to 34 years old. From highest to lowest, the most popular are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Vine and Tumblr.
And with good reason. Instagram can arguably be described as Twitter for photographers (or people who really like to think they’re photographers). But with over 150 million active Instagram users and 90% of them being under 35 years old, Instagram is no longer just any old app; Instagram is now popular not only among millenials and celebrities, but with businesses interested in marketing their own products and services. It’s kind of a big deal now.

But sure, we’re college students and our personal Instagrams aren’t exactly that serious. That doesn’t mean we can’t make it look its tip-top best! Here are some simple tips you can take to make your feed look a little more aesthetically pleasing!


Stick to a theme and style.

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You’ll find that most “InstaFamous” users have a certain theme and style that’s easy to pick up when you visit their account. When I say theme, I’m talking about the Instagram accounts that, for the most part, depict one awesome thing about the user’s life. This can be a dog account, a foodie account, a fashion account, a travel account, etc. Obviously, you don’t need a theme to have a banging Instagram, but if you have an awesome hobby or passion to share, keep it in mind! As for style, the accounts that are most pleasing to the eye stick to one photo orientation: square or white borders. It just meshes nicely when your feed is cohesive and consistent. If you really want to take it to the next level, make sure your pictures are consistent with editing and filters too! Speaking of filters…


Try to stay away from Instagram’s filters.

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It’s definitely tempting to use them with so many available, but stay away! To simply put it, there are just so many other, better performing apps out there that will do the editing for you; Instagram filters are a lazy way out. Like this article states, a lot of the presets Instagram comes with can be achieved with other apps as well, except with even more options you can use to individualize your photo! My favorite go-to is VSCO Cam but here are a variety of photo apps you can use instead of giving in to those presets.


Post consistently.

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Your followers are on Instagram to see cool photos, and if you’re not posting consistently, you’ll get lost amidst all the awesome posts out there. Personally, I like to clean out my Instagram once in a while, which means I’ll unfollow anyone who isn’t posting regularly. You posted 23 weeks ago? There’s no need for me to be following you then! If you don’t have something particularly nice to post for a certain day, you could always save up photos you took on other occasions. I do this all the time; it makes me look less boring if we’re being honest. Let’s be real—no one is at the beach, traveling the world, partying with their friends or eating at hipster restaurants every single day. Save those pictures for a rainy day! But on the other hand, don’t spam your followers (remember: Instagram, not InstaSpam).


Know your sweet spot.

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What I mean is know when you should post your photo. For some reason, I get way more likes on a photo I post right before midnight than I do on one I post in the middle of the day. Maybe that’s because everyone I know scrolls through their feed just before heading to bed. Know what your sweet spot is and you’ll get more views and likes! How do you find out when to post? This will help you out!


Know your hashtags.

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Don’t be that person who commits the heinous Instagram crime of creating whole essays made up of just hashtags. No one likes that person. But it is beneficial to know which hashtags will shove your photo out into the spotlight. Here are the top 100 hashtags used on Instagram. Of course, some hashtags are so often used, your photo may just get drowned out among the millions of others, but make sure you still tag those posts! You never know who may be looking through those tags; I, for one, am a huge lover of the #pugsofinstagram hashtag. You know I’m liking every single picture on that hashtag.

Now that you have a few tips that’ll help you improve how you present yourself on Instagram, here are a few of my favorite Instagram users for you to take a peek at (some just friends, some “InstaFamous”):

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Instagram user @jermzlee's feed.

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Instagram user @wrainier's feed.

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