Cafe Rundown

Cafe Rundown

It’s midterm season, Broncos, and you know what that means—long hours in the 24-hour computer lab​, studying, dozing off and crying. But if you’re anything like me, you need a nicer, cozier atmosphere to study in—you need a nice cafe.

There’s just something about cafes that make it a million times easier to get your work done. Maybe it’s the relaxing music. Maybe it’s the tranquil ambience. Maybe it’s the fact that you can order cup after cup of coffee so that you don’t pass out and drool all over your study guides. Whatever it is, cafes are my study go-to’s, so here’s a rundown on some of the cafes in the area.

​1. Cafe 86
A cookie butter latte and a churro cupcake
I’d say this wasn’t written in any particular order, but that would be a lie—Cafe 86 is my favorite cafe. No joke, this is my second home; I’m surprised they haven’t started charging me for rent because of how much I’m here. But as great as this place is, beware—the amazing drinks, yummy desserts and tasty sandwiches might just completely distract you from your studies. Cafe 86 prides itself on its unique desserts, which sets the small cafe apart from every other one in a 20 mile radius. With truffles, macarons, cakes, brownies and more, this cafe never fails to put a twist on your favorites. Plus their playlist is perfect for setting that studying mood. To keep up, follow them on Instagram (you’re going to want to know their dessert of the day too). One downfall? This location is tiny. Good luck finding a table and/or outlet for your laptop during a rush!

2. Wahfles Desserts & Coffee
Blueberry waffles from Wahfles Desserts  Coffee
My friends and I used to study here (before Cafe 86 was open, of course) and we dedicated a day to this place; we called it Wahfles Wednesday. Though their menu is pretty tasty, it does get tiring after a while having no variation or specials from day to day. Their playlist also almost never changes either, which can get repetitive if you’re studying there frequently.  One thing I really do like about Wahfles, though (besides their amazing Scarlett Johansson waffle sandwich) is their customer engagement. They are constantly accepting artists’ works and hanging them on their walls until there are no spaces. They also encourage customers to take their window markers and write and draw on the windows. Don’t get too distracted, though; we ​are​ here to study!

​3. Canabru
A cup of coffee from Canabru
I despise Canabru​I’m sure they have their ups and that customers return for various reasons, but I just haven’t found my drink. I reckon if I haven’t found my drink after my tenth visit, it’s a no-go. Though their menu is limited, vague and their drinks aren’t remarkable, the atmosphere ​is​ nice. It’s very hip and nicely decorated, with twinkly lights that come on above during nighttime. This place is also the roomiest cafe I’ve been to, but even then, it can be hard to snag a table when there’s a rush. My verdict? Come here to study, but only if you’re willing to bring your Keurig with you.

​4. Corner Bakery Cafe
Pesto Cavatappi from Corner Bakery
Corner Bakery Cafe is a stark contrast from Canabru. With an awesome menu and the best pastas around, Corner Bakery Cafe’s downfall (for me at least) is its environment. Corner Bakery would probably count more as a restaurant with how busy it can get, which of course, can get disruptive to your studying. But other than that, their chicken carbonara pasta, chicken pomodori and California club grill are ​amazing​. Perfect brain food. And happy food.

5. Panera Bread
Grilled cheese from Panera Bread
Panera Bread is kind of the lazy choice for studying, but it’s still a good one. The beautiful thing about Panera is that you can guarantee other miserable, anxious college students will be there studying as well—what screams community more than shared fear over midterms? Not to mention pretty much everything on their menu is a winner. Don’t want to try a new cafe in fear of disliking it? Panera is always a good fall back.

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Good luck on your midterms, Broncos! Happy studying!