How We Really Feel About the Last Quarter of the Year (As Told by Nicki Minaj)

How We Really Feel About the Last Quarter of the Year (As Told by Nicki Minaj)

Spring Quarter is such a bittersweet time of the year—Spring Break has just ended, and we have ten weeks of straight grinding at school and work. But it’s also the last quarter of the school year; for some, it’s the last quarter, period (I’m looking at you, Class of 2015).

Ah yes, it’s a very emotional time for all; if you can name it, we can feel it. Excitement, irritation, fear, joy, despair… here’s a taste of the rollercoaster of emotions we choose to ride during this last quarter, as told by the Queen of Rap herself, Nicki Minaj:

Knowing this quarter is going to be a battle.
Nicki Minaj making a "come here" motion with her hand.
Bring it.

Still having some sort of motivation during syllabus week.
Nicki Minaj dressed up on a school girl's outfit, a ponytail and geeky glasses.
Let’s see how long this studious attitude lasts.

When the professor makes you introduce yourself to the class.
Nicki Minaj says, "Hi, how are you? Yes, it's nice to meet me."

Realizing there aren’t very many days off during Spring Quarter.
Nicki Minaj covers her face as she cries.
We’ve had 44 presidents—that’s 44 birthdays and 44 possible days off. Come on, Obama, make it happen.

Realizing the professors in your new classes aren’t going to be chill or laid back just because it’s the last quarter of the year.
Nicki Minaj says, "And then I started feeling a little bit of the shade..."
What do you have against me, huh?

Fighting through your senioritis (or in my case, simply chronic laziness), and forcing yourself to get out of bed and go to school.
Nicki Minaj shakes her head in disapproval.
By the way, what he say? He can tell I ain’t gettin’ no sleep.

Being the only competent one in your group projects.
Nicki Minaj tries to teach models her choreography to Anaconda and they fail miserably to mimic her.
You could at least try.

Being interviewed for a real world job as a graduating senior.
Nicki Minaj says, "I love children and I love education and I love ambition."
Please hire us.

Finally finding time during your busy schedule to work on your summer bod.
Nicki Minaj lifts weights.
“The Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC) is my favorite gym in the world.” – Nicki Minaj, probably

When that one annoying classmate thinks he always needs to comment.
Nicki Minaj says, "You don't have to" in a judgmental manner.
There is a reason the professor is pretending not to notice your hand.

Getting ready to leave but being told by your professor she’s not done lecturing.
Nicki Minaj turns back to the crowd before walking off stage to throw everyone a very sassy look.
Oh, you mean you didn’t get your point across in the last seventy PowerPoint slides? Huh…

Using all the money you’ll be making in the future as motivation to get that awesome GPA.
Nicki Minaj fans herself with a handful of hundred dollar bills.
Make it rain, Broncos.

When your professor is handing back the paper you didn’t do so well on.
Nicki Minaj covers her eyes.
If I look at it a certain way, maybe it’ll look like an A.

When all your friends are graduating and leaving you behind to fend for yourself.
Nicki Minaj holds her hand, which has "They suck" written on it, up.
Shout out to all my coworkers…

Then attending their commencement as they all walk without you.
Nicki Minaj claps very unenthusiastically.
Fail a class and stay with me, please.

When summer finally arrives.
Nicki Minaj dances happily.
Just a few more weeks, Broncos!

I think we can all agree when I say Nicki Minaj explains it best—through all the ups and downs we’ll face this quarter, these ten weeks are still going to be awesome.

Nicki Minaj wags her finger around and says, "Girl, work it. Work!"

Good luck, Broncos!

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