Oh Snap (Chat) !

Oh Snap (Chat) !

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Snapchat just changed the game, and some users are scared that there might be some cheaters.

There’s been a lot of social media upheaval lately with the release of the newest Snapchat update. Although Snapchat has added the “Discover” option, that directly features CNN, Yahoo News, Food Network, Cosmo and more, nobody seems to care about that.

The really big deal is the secondary component of the update: the removal of “best friends.” No longer are Snapchat users able to see each other’s top friends, which coincidentally has created trust issues for people in relationships. The question arises: “Who are they really Snapping to?” And, “Are they cheating?”

Because of this update, Twitter and the internet as a whole, has been blowing up with reactions to this decision that Snapchat has made. Some of them are highly entertaining, and some are purely hinting on the theme of insecure thoughts about their significant others.

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However, this isn’t the only time that this type of non-cheating validation phenomenon has occurred. If you think all the way back to Myspace, you would instantly know what the relationship was between individuals because of the infamous ‘Top 8.’

Let’s look back quickly; with the rise of social media in the last five years, we constantly know what each other are doing at any given moment. Our generation is all about posting and sharing photos to show how much fun we’re having (even if we’re really not). You don’t just drive to the store anymore, you Snapchat about driving to the store with a car selfie.

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This is the direct result of our generation needing constant validation. We need to be validated that everyone likes what we’re doing, we have to be validated that people are “so jealous” of what we’re up to on Friday night AND we need to be validated by knowing what other people—especially our significant other—is doing (ALL THE TIME).

However, with the new update, it conceals information that we are all used to seeing. For some people in relationships, it served as a type of security blanket: being able to see who a person Snapchats the most. But since viewing Top Friends isn’t an option anymore, people have been freaking out about how their significant other is most likely cheating. There is no more validation.

But does this really mean that the person isn’t cheating? If someone is cheating, with the knowledge that Top Friends were public (until now), why would they Snapchat that person? That’s the easiest way to get caught. Just because it’s private now, doesn’t mean that everyone is going to go on a cheating spree.

If anything, if someone were cheating, it was making them even sneakier because everything was public. Snapchat doesn’t deter cheating. It never did, and it never will.

The bottom line is that no matter what social media does, people will still cheat. If you have a feeling that someone is cheating on you, then do it the old fashioned way and look through their phone (just kidding).

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