Dating Advice from My Guy Friends

Dating Advice from My Guy Friends

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Dating isn’t always the easiest thing, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all of the feels are being felt—whether you’re in a relationship with someone or not.

Valentine’s Day gets people thinking about relationships and dating much more than any other calendar day. The buildup of romantic excitement begins in January, and in turn, becomes the theme of February.

As a single girl, the concept of Valentine’s Day isn’t always the most exciting. Thoughts of dating and relationships surround us all in the form of chocolates, over-sized teddy bears, roses and other cutesy novelties. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day/Single Awareness Day, I turned to the most honest people for dating advice—my male friends.

My guy friends tend to give an even more open and honest (sometimes a little too honest) opinion about everything. They have mastered the art of NOT sugarcoating anything for me. They often offer firsthand advice (even when I don’t ask) about dating and relationships.

So here you go folks, some of the most candid and insightful advice from my male friends; take out of it what you will:

**Some of them wanted to remain anonymous, because this sappy stuff might “kill their vibe.”

Don’t Fake Who You Are

Girl saying "I like being weird"
“I want to know who the person is and what their goals are in life. I hate a fake façade in the beginning because that person will eventually revert back to who they really are.”-Neil


Chivalry is Important/Manners Matter

A woman talking about chivalry
“A guy should always open doors, make sure the girl sits down first and ALWAYS go where she wants to eat (at least in the beginning). Being a gentleman is important, and if a guy isn’t a gentleman then a girl shouldn’t date him. If the guy asks the girl out, then he should pay—that’s just standard etiquette.”- Lawrence


A Little Goes a Long Way…

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“Either person shouldn’t wear strong cologne or perfume because that can be distracting when you make out.”- Lawrence (he had a lot of advice)


Unspoken Communication is Key

A man making weird contact
“You can tell a lot about a person by how much eye contact they make during a date or even just hanging out. Pay attention to see if they’re looking at you or something else in the room.”- Ezekiel


Ambition, Attitude and Appearance are Equals

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“For me, if both parties have amazing ambitions, and are vibing with each other, that’s a really great date. There should be lots of smiling and a good sense of humor between the two of them. There has to be a physical attraction for an initial attraction to occur. Also, I like big butts and I cannot lie.” – Bryant


Be Honest About Your Feelings

Jon Hamm saying "I don't like you. I don't like you at all."
“If things don’t work out between us, it’s better to know on the first date, rather than later.” –Brian**


Feeling Special is NOT Overrated

A woman talking to a little girl
“I love when a person I’m dating tells me things that are not on the surface. It’s like ‘Ok, I think I might be the only person she’s ever told this to.’ Feeling like you’re in their inner circle is a great feeling.”- Blake**


Be Careful…

A boy sitting in class
“Ugh seriously Bonnie? Just stop dating weird guys! There you go, there it is!” –My best friend, Ray.


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