Parks and Rec Predictions

Parks and Rec Predictions





The final season of Parks and Recreation is in full swing with two new episodes being released weekly. Season six seemed like a good concluding point in the series, but with the addition of the seventh season, set three years in the future, it’s anyone’s guess where the plot is headed. Here are my predictions:

Episodes one and two started the season with a huge plot twist; the parks department had pretty much disbanded and major characters had taken up new occupations. Tom Haverford became a restaurant mogul after the success of Tom’s Bistro. Donna Meagle became a full-time realtor. Andy Dwyer has a Johnny Karate children’s TV show. Ron Swanson left to open his own wood shop who is partnered with Gryzzl, a company trying to purchase historical land to build new office spaces; space that Leslie is trying to absorb. April, Ben and Terry (Jerry) are the only ones still working for Leslie.

I’ll admit, the plot of the first two episodes left me feeling sad about the direction of the final season, but episodes three and four you see all of the characters reuniting to force Leslie and Ron to make peace. It’s revealed at the end of episode four that the reason Ron retired from the parks department was because of everyone else leaving. In an emotional reveal, he tells Leslie that he felt left behind and cast aside. The two make up and head off to JJ’s Diner for breakfast.

This leads me to the future predictions for the rest of the season:

  • Ron and Leslie will work together to relocate the area for the Gryzzl offices, making everyone happy in the end.
  • Everyone will come back together to either work at the Parks and Rec. Department, or to work on another ground breaking/ celebratory event similar to the Pawnee Commons.
  • If the team stays separated, April will get a job that involves animals, maybe opening her own veterinary clinic or go back to veterinary school, which she looked into previous seasons ago.
  • Cones of Dunshire becomes a huge event flying Ben to San Diego for Comic-Con, or gets turned into a Game of Thrones type TV show, where Ben will be slated to star, but due to his stage-fright will be unable to complete the role.
  • Many more politician guest appearances. Maybe a reprise from Michelle Obama or Leslie having a day-dream affair with Joe Biden?
  • Reappearances from supporting characters like Tammy Two, the stoner animal control guys and Kristen Bell.

As far as the plot goes, I’m at a loss. The show started rocky but picked up fairly quickly, and I have nothing but high expectations for the rest of the season!

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