Balancing Your Time Between Your Bae and Your Buds

Balancing Your Time Between Your Bae and Your Buds

Balancing your time can be a very difficult task when you have school, work, extra-curricular activities and your family to think about. Now add relationships and friendships to the mix, and it seems almost impossible to manage your time.

Then, problems arise when both your friends and your significant other demand you spend your free time with them, leaving little to no room for anything else. Never mind required “me time” too.

It’s up to you to get your bae and buds to get along and accept each other as important parts of your life, so here are a few tips to help get you started on balancing your time to make sure that each party is happy and you’re still killin’ that school and work grind.

Two words: study dates
A man sits in front of a book and asks, "Does anybody know how to study?"
Whether it’s bae or bud, you can definitely set aside a day to enjoy each other’s time while being productive. Sure, a little socializing might get in the way, but what better way to motivate and encourage each other (and also keep each other from falling asleep)? My friends and I even went as far as making our study day a weekly occasion, where we’d meet at Wähfles Desserts and Coffee and study until closing—Wähfles Wednesdays was ours and though significant others were welcome, they didn’t get in the way.

Two more words: double dates
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Chances are, you aren’t the only one in your group of friends with a significant other, am I right? Find that other couple and spend the day eating, mini-golfing, hiking, watching movies or whatever else it is you all enjoy doing. If it just so happens that you are the only one with a significant other, there’s no harm in asking your friends if it’s all right if bae tags along to your group activities. The more comfortable they are with him or her, the easier it is for you!

Set aside a day for just friends
Jess from New Girl says, "I think you're interesting and I'd like us to be friends."
If you spend every waking minute of the week with your significant other, it’s time to cool it. Don’t forget that he or she has friends too and both of you probably miss them. Focus on your school and work grind throughout the week, have a night out on the town with your friends on Friday, have a date night on Saturday, then spend all of Sunday sleeping or hanging out with your family so that you don’t drive yourself crazy. It works for me and the craziness of my life has definitely subsided a little. Of course, there could always be a little more time for the person I love most—me… and that brings us to:

Don’t neglect yourself to make everyone happy
Lilo from Lilo & Stitch lays on the floor and says, "Leave me alone to die."
Like the oh-so-wise philosophers of Tumblr like to say, “Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.” This took many years and a lot of mistakes for me to learn, but ultimately, at the end of the day (bae or no bae), all you have is you so treat yourself nicely. Seeing as cloning or being at two places at once aren’t things yet, you obviously can’t be everywhere at once and you can’t please everyone all the time. If you need a day or even a week to yourself, your significant other and friends should definitely understand. Take a day off to just do you, boo.

Like I said before, it ultimately comes down to how well your friends and boyfriend or girlfriend get along. Whatever the case may be, always be sure to never sweep your friends (or even yourself) aside for the new love in your life. A good boyfriend or girlfriend will respect what’s important to you, am I right?

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