What NOT to Say On a First Date

What NOT to Say On a First Date

As a 22 year old, I’ve gone on my fair share of first dates. However, they haven’t always gone over very well. I’ve learned throughout the years that one of my “talents” is saying the wrong thing at the worst time—especially on dates.

Embracing my skill, of making everything awkward, I can now share my wisdom with you about what not to say on a first date.

Here is a list of things never to say; the first four might be things I’ve said before, but let’s not question it too much.

1. “The Liberty Bell is cool.”

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This might not be the best thing to say even if the person is from the East Coast and all you really want to do is talk about the history of the United States and how our nation was basically built from the original 13 colonies. Take my advice and just don’t go there.

2. “What is your favorite court case in American history?”

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Again, you may be tempted to ask this question when you’re talking about school and they mention that they’re taking an introduction class on the American judiciary system.

3. “What are your thoughts on Syria?”

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Although deep political banter may be something that you enjoy, it might not be appropriate when you’re sitting in a really loud BJ’s restaurant trying to get to know each other on a surface level.
Save the super deep (and/or controversial) convos for when you know each other a little better.

4. “What do you think about affirmative action?”

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Same as above. I’ve learned my lesson.

5. “Let’s post our date on Snapchat!”

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You don’t even really know each other, yet… There might not even be a second date. Keep it casual. It’s okay to NOT document your entire date for the world to see. Believe me, no one wants to see your 284 second play-by-play.

6. “You’re paying for me right?”

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Ladies (and gentlemen), don’t just straight out ask. Wait and see what happens, just enjoy your meal!

7. “Can I smell your hair?”

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This should be self-explanatory… someone asked me this once. (Hello, boundaries!) We don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Read my exact experience here.

8. “You looked better on Tinder.”

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Have you heard of a Catfish? Newsflash: If you met them on Tinder (or any other digital site), then your hopes shouldn’t be very high anyway.

9. “Let me tell you about my ex!”

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This should always be avoided. Nobody wants to hear about your ex, even if your ex is a total scumbag. Just leave that baggage at home.

10. “I see myself marrying you in the future.”

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TOO SOON. Hold it in. Even if you truly believe this person is your soul mate.

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