Last Minute Halloween DIY’s and How-To’s

Last Minute Halloween DIY’s and How-To’s

Halloween is right around the corner and decorations are a must! If you’ve procrastinated on crafting some cute, somewhat spooky decor this month, here are a few quick DIY projects you can try out for your house!

What’s Halloween time without a few pumpkins here and there? If you’re having a get together with family and friends, wow your guests with this creative makeshift pumpkin cooler to serve your drinks in.
A pumpkin cut into a bowl for iced beverages

Not a huge fan of pumpkin guts? If pumpkin carving is too messy of an affair for you, put the carving kit away and break out your paints! Decorate your pumpkins with some classy stripes, a silly face or even neat typography! The kids trick-or-treating at your house will be sure to enjoy these cute additions.
Painted and decorated pumpkins

Pumpkins not your thing at all? Substitute for some lanterns! These paper lantern pumpkins will save you the worries of having to dispose of your pumpkins once it starts rotting. Make it an arts and crafts session and add some leaves, stems and more to your creation!
Paper lanterns decorated as pumpkins

If you’re looking to tackle the indoor decorations for your sure-to-be-banging costume party, make sure to include these little bats in your festivities! Not only is it an efficient use for your old toilet paper rolls, but look at how adorable they are!
Toilet paper rolls decorated as bats

These DIY Halloween lanterns for your candles will also be a hit with your guests when they realize you made them (Shocking! They aren’t store bought!). Surprise them with these DIY spider web balloons too—you’ll be hearing “How’d you do that?” a lot more than “Trick-or-Treat” this Halloween!
Decorated mason jars made to be lanterns

Lastly, make sure to capture all of your amazing Halloween moments and put together a cute photo gallery that you can show off to your friends, and create lasting Halloween memories!

A Halloween themed photo gallery

Any other Halloween decorations you’ve thought of or made this year? Share with us using the hashtag, #CampusCropChat on ASI’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!