Fall Fashion Guide: Men’s Edition

Fall Fashion Guide: Men’s Edition

Fall trends for men are pushing towards a polished, yet rugged look (it exists). Autumnal colors plus prime accessories are all you need to have your best fall quarter yet!

1. The essential pullover:
A staple item of clothing that never goes out of style is a good pullover; whether that is a hoodie, sweater, or a jacket, it will eventually get cold enough to utilize one or more of these items. Bonus points for repping your campus swag with one of our hoodies from the Bronco Bookstore.

Urban Outfitters model wearing jacket

Image from Urban Outfitters

2. Bold Prints/ Patterns
Fall isn’t just about flannels anymore. Designers have been working with unexpected prints this season. Muted florals appear in button-downs at Urban Outfitters. Pacsun is showcasing tartan on an unexpected raglan tee, as a sleeve detail. Pick up a classic plaid shirt with a twist from H&M; this “flannel” is a light cotton material, the perfect transition piece from summer to fall.

3. Socks
Bold socks are a great way to add a nice pop to any outfit. For a more sophisticated looks pair a simple patterned sock with dress shoes, slacks and a button-down. For a more casual look grab a white plain tee, cuffed chinos, and go for a wild pair of socks.

Harry Styles Running Shoes

Image from OneDirection.net

4. Footwear
Casual footwear is making a big statement this year as every day wear. In the past, trainers were reserved strictly for the gym, but now are making their way into more conservative looks. A look born from comfort or maybe laziness has swept the runways this year with designers putting out all kinds of sneakers from muted to bold.

5. Slim Fit Jeans
Comfortable jeans are essential. You may not be wearing jeans that are tailored-to-fit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get close, off-the-rack. Skinny jeans aren’t being seen as much this year and trends have transitioned more to slim-fit. Offering the more tailored look up top, the legs have more room, without being too flared.

6. Watches
A good time piece is one of the few pieces of jewelry readily available to men. A watch can say a lot about who you are, or give people an idea of who you want to be. Watches don’t have to be blinged out, and should fit your personal style. If you want a functional accessory try a watch that offers changeable bands, or for a timeless (pun intended) look, chose a classic gold or silver piece with a twist.

Apple Watch

Image from Apple

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