Submit Your Stories to The Campus Crop

Submit Your Stories to The Campus Crop

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The Campus Crop, the official campus blog is the hub for all things Cal Poly Pomona (CPP)—and it’s not just for Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) staff writers—it’s open to the entire student body. We are now accepting voluntary submissions from all current CPP students interested in becoming published writers and sharing their writing with the campus community. There is no compensation for articles featured on the blog, however this is still a great opportunity for your work to be published. If this interests you, keep on reading to view the Rules and Guidelines for submitting to the Campus Crop.

Why Submit?

Submitting to the Campus Crop will not only give you a chance to have your voice heard by the students, staff and alumni of CPP, it will also benefit your professional endeavors. Having your article posted to the Campus Crop means having a published piece, and as a writer, you may include these works in your portfolio and add it as experience to your resume. Let’s make the Campus Crop the hub for all news campus wide with Bronco pride!


Recreation – Let the Campus Crop help you share your recreational tips, tricks and techniques with the CPP community. Did you attend the Bronco basketball or volleyball game last night? We want to hear your experience and/or your unbiased opinion on Bronco athletics or current sporting coverage. Contribute your fitness tips with a step-by-step instructional article on form and execution. Do you have the perfect healthy recipe for on-the-go snacks, like trail mix or protein shakes? Share with us!

Possible subjects:

  • Sports
  • Bronco Athletics
  • Professional Sports
  • Health/Fitness
  • ASI Campus Recreation
  • ASI Intramural games coverage
  • Adventures event coverage

Travel – Whether you’ve taken a short trip to L.A. or traveled around the world, exploration is a way to relax and experience new things. Do you have a travel destination and story that needs to be heard? Submit your educational, adventurous, informational and/or inspiring stories with other CPP students via Campus Crop.

Campus + College Life – We always have a blast at campus events! But we know that there are things happening outside of CPP, so we want your input. Send in your coverage of ASI, club, class or organization activities coverage and let other Broncos know whats happenin’ on or off campus!

Entertainment – These submissions are more fun and friendly. Send in your stories about what’s trending, your current favorites, new music discoveries, or thoughts about concerts, movies, literature and so on and so forth (you get the point, its endless).
Possible subjects:

  • Pop culture
  • Movies/TV
  • Music

Campus News/Events – Aspiring journalist? Send in your stories about what’s going on in the world. Can you give an accurate explanation of the news from a college student’s perspective? Do you have the 411 on local or global news? What’s happening outside of our prestigious CPP halls? Share the ”news worthy” information with the CPP community.

How To’s/DIY – Are you an avid Pinner? Share your How-To’s and Do It Yourself (DIY) projects with fellow Bronco students, faculty and friends! We want everything from the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, making green and gold ombre t-shirts or how to dress for success. Share these insightful tid-bits with your fellow Broncos.

Possible Subjects:

  • Recipes
  • Clothing
  • Crafts
  • Eligibility

This service is only open to students enrolled at CPP. By submitting content you are subject to the terms and conditions of this guideline and Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) policies. Submissions will only be accepted from anyone who complies with the rules and regulations in this document.

Conditions and Terms

Submission of story, response and/or photograph implies consent for it to be published. Anonymous responses will not be published. Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) reserves the right to edit story submissions for brevity or clarity, length and may be published in print, online or other forms. ASI reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any entry it deems to be offensive, inappropriate, derogatory and libelous, or not keeping with the ASI policies or that is otherwise not in compliance with the official Campus Crop submission guideline. While the editors will attempt to preserve the author’s voice whenever possible, all accepted submissions may be edited according to The Campus Crop’s style, format and discretion. Submissions should be kept to under 600 words. All forms of academic dishonesty will result in an automatic disqualification of the submission. Any submissions become the property of Associated Students Incorporated. Content submission does not guarantee publication to The Campus Crop.

Content Rules

1. Articles, graphics, links, photos, stories or videos submitted for publication should not contain any profanity and/or any inappropriate, derogatory or otherwise offensive language.

2. All stories submitted must be original and to the best of your knowledge, truthful and accurate.

3. If there is any content such as graphics, links, photos and videos used in stories that are not original and/or were taken from other web sites, the author must give appropriate credit from the original source.

4. All photos submitted must be .jpg or .png files.

5. Authors must have consent to publish any names and/or likeness of private persons mentioned in any article submitted to The Campus Crop.

6. All stories submitted must be between 300-600 words.


Submit story through CSU Pomona email. Only stories submitted from a Cal Poly Pomona ( email will be considered. Submissions must be emailed as an attachment to with “Campus Crop Story Submission” in the subject line. Include the author’s name, Bronco Identification Number and an alternate email address in the body of email. When using quotes include additional contact information of each source used for fact checking purposes. If sources cannot be contacted submission will not be considered for publication.


If submission is approved for publication, the ASI marketing team will contact the author with further details. Once the story has undergone internal review and is approved by ASI staff, it will be posted to the Campus Crop with the author’s name in the byline.


Contact ASI Communications and Social Media Coordinator, Kim Dueñas for additional information or comments at We look forward to hearing from you, Broncos!