Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is Where the Heart Is

A group of girls taking a photo together.

Summer months are my favorite—warm weather, longer days, jean shorts and enjoying my free time with my favorite people: my family.

Recently, while I was in the car with my twin sister, she said something that really resonated with me:

“I don’t know why it took me three years to realize this, but there really is no place like home.”

She’s right; it took me so long to realize it too.

Three or so years ago, when I was still in high school and my “angsty, angry at the world teenager” phase was in full swing, I would get in arguments with my parents and sisters over the smallest things. I couldn’t wait to go to college, be independent and not have to rely on my family.

Many of us go through that phase when we can’t wait to leave our hometown, be away from family and meet new people, but from my experience, being away only made me miss family more.

Even though I was so determined to “be an adult” and do everything on my own, whenever something didn’t go so well, my first instinct was to call my mom and ask for her help.

I looked forward to the day I no longer had to share a room with any of my sisters. Now I could barely go a day without calling one of them and telling them about my day.

Attending Cal Poly Pomona was a happy medium: I am far away enough to be independent, but close enough to see family when I want, too.

Thinking back, I don’t know why I ever wanted to be far away from family. Now that we’re apart most of the year, I look forward to holidays and breaks when I can see my parents and sisters. Perhaps all I needed was to be away to learn how to appreciate them more.

Being away from home for the past three years while in college has definitely taught me a few lessons: how to live with roommateshow to be a responsible adult and becoming as well rounded as I can be.

As I get older, I realize that being independent doesn’t mean keeping family out of your life; it means knowing how to appreciate and keep them in your life, without having to rely on them too much. Other people may come and go, but the one thing that remains constant is that no matter how many times we argue, my sisters and I will always make up and fight against the world, together.

I love being on my own, but nothing compares to being home and home is where my family is. Where do you feel most at home? Let us know by using the hashtag, #CampusCropChat on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!