Social Media No-No’s: Snapchat

Social Media No-No’s: Snapchat


We’ve covered almost all the bases when it comes to FacebookTwitter and Instagram no-no’s, but we have just one more list of faux paus to go over before we release you to do good in the social media universe.

As an app even more “instant” than Instagram is supposed to be, Snapchat is convenient for catching the special moments you share with your friends and family… or just sending ugly selfies to your best friend. But there are just some things we see on Snapchat that are wholly unnecessary. Here are some of them!

Snapchat stories that are over 100 seconds long. 
The only time I have ever been accepting of a 100+ second long Snapchat story was when it was of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “On the Run” tour. If your Snapchat story doesn’t make me feel like I’m in the presence of Queen B, is 100 seconds really all that necessary? I think not.

Snaps that showcase the most irrelevant details of someone’s day.
Imagine getting excited over receiving a Snap from a friend, just to find it’s a picture of their messy room… followed by a blurry picture of the TV show they’re watching… followed by videos of their sleeping dog… for the whole day. Keep your Snaps limited to things your receivers will appreciate seeing, and Snapchat will remain an exciting place to be!

People who bombard you with Snaps of an event they didn’t invite you to.
It blows being individually sent numerous Snaps of an awesome party, a fun dinner or just a simple outing where all of your friends are present and you didn’t receive an invite. Not only did they fail to invite you, but they’re rubbing it in your face! Gasp, how dare they?! TFTI, people, really.

People who screenshot that ugly selfie you trusted them with. 
If you get a Snap of me rocking a duck face and a quadruple chin, there is no doubt in the world that the trust between us is real. This ugly selfie was meant for your amusement and yours only. Screenshotting it and showing all your Twitter followers will definitely ensure the end of our friendship. Okay, maybe not, but I will never Snapchat you again… and you shouldn’t Snapchat me either because trust me, none of your ugly selfies will ever be safe with me again—revenge is oh so sweet.

Well, that concludes our series on all the faux paus you should definitely avoid on social media. Hopefully, you have taken something from it and you will enter the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat a whole new person.

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