Social Media No-No’s: Instagram

Social Media No-No’s: Instagram


You know well by now the Facebook and Twitter crimes we have to deal with everyday, and it’s time we learn about a few Instagram no-no’s as well! With everyone so insta-obsessed these days, it’s no wonder why we’re all on the app 24/7. But if you’re committing any of these faux paus, it’s time to put your phone down and take a break!

Excessive pictures that spam your followers’ feeds.
We all know that one person who doesn’t post anything but selfies and #MCM’s/#WCW’s. I for one, am a huge advocate for the selfie; there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of self-lovin’. A lot of people say that we’re the most narcissistic generation, but I think there’s something special about someone feeling confident enough to flaunt their selfies online (just refrain from posting hourly, please). As for #MCM’s and #WCW’s, it’s almost unnecessary. Yes, we know who your significant other is. Thank you for reminding us every single week.

Being a stalker and accidentally liking that one picture from 78 weeks ago.
There’s nothing like getting a notification from someone I don’t know and opening it to find that he or she liked a picture from over a year ago and unliked it almost immediately. Am I so interesting that you went through all 400+ pictures on my Instagram? Wow, I’m flattered, albeit a little creeped out, but mostly flattered! Being on the other side of this, however, makes you immediately want to burn your phone and cry in the corner. 10 out of 10, would not recommend.

Over-the-top filters that ruin the picture.
Sometimes, less is more and this definitely applies to Instagram. Don’t ruin a decent picture with X-Pro II, Lo-Fi, Hefe or any other filter that screams, “I have no idea how to edit pictures!” Need help on how to perfect your Instagram post without the mess of filters? We’ve got you covered!

Collages that are so crowded, you can’t see any of the pictures.
We have gotten to the point where double posting on Instagram isn’t uncommon, so don’t feel the need to cram all your pictures into one post. I’m sure I speak for your followers when I say I’d rather see two decent collages than one collage with photos that might as well be pixels.

Videos that should’ve been left on Vine or Snapchat.
It’s rare to find a video that is Instagram worthy these days. Besides the #ALSicebucketchallenge, Instagram is pretty void of videos, and if you’re going to post one, it better be quality! Use apps like PicPlayPostFlipgram or Cameo to make your video the best it can be! This is your 15 seconds to shine; don’t ruin it with a Vine/Snapchat quality recording.

#Telling #your #life #story #through #hashtags.
There’s always that one person whose picture comes with a huge paragraph made up entirely of hashtags. “#selfie #selfiesunday #nofilter #nomakeup #latergram #instagood #instadaily #girl #cute #smiles #happy #hatersgonnahate #longhairdontcare #shouldigetahaircut #shorthairdontcare? #nahnohaircut #longhairdontcare4lyfe #iwokeuplikedis #eyebrowgamesostrong #justhadthemthreaded #itkindahurt #butitsokay #ilookawesome #okay #haveagoodday.” Please. No.

Constantly on Instagram? Let us know some of the insta no-no’s you can’t stand using the hashtag, #CampusCropChat on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram. Just please don’t speak to us in hashtags!

Happy Instagramming, Broncos!