Bronco Style is Eternal

Bronco Style is Eternal


I can’t help but notice all of the students here on campus for summer with the apparent mindset of “dress to impress.” At first, I was confused as to why these students would need to impress their summer professors and classmates with their trendy fits, but then I remembered it is SUMMER and we all have lives outside of school.

I took to the campus with iPhone in hand, to interview and capture some of the current Bronco trends: Summer Essential Edition.


With sun, style and summer in mind, these Broncos are giving the 4-1-1 on everything California guys ‘n gals should be wearing this season. Eddie Gonzalez, an incoming freshman, shared that hats and light colored tops, pants and shorts (or chubbies) were necessary picks for summer. The very dapper, Gonzales shared one of his favorite quotes which helped explain his trendy outfit, “Fashions fade. Style is eternal,” – Yves Saint Laurent. Kristy Velasco, anthropology major, is loving the craze of colorful, patterned and “free-spirited” summer selections. These must-haves are true for all Broncos.

Now ladies, Nadene Hart, international business and marketing major, captured the ideal summer look for a day around town or at the beach. Hart shared that her summer essentials consist of flowy shorts and open back tanks, all in a variety of floral prints and light colors. Right now it seems that her gotta-have pieces are imported patterns like those used on “hippie” tapestries. Hart gave us the skinny on summer accessories explaining, “I always have my rings on and at least a necklace, earrings and a bangle or two.” Her outfit just screams “let’s chill at the beach”—and isn’t that what summer is about?

Wynton Cooley, anthropology major, has a unique style for guys that is ideal for summer. Cooley suggests we stick to clothing that is functional for the summer heat, so stick to articles that are cool (temperature wise). Again, the colorful trend was emphasized, but he urges not to get too carried away. Cooley also digs cut-off shorts and sticks by comfy tall socks and shoes.

So ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, from the grounds of our very own stylish and beautiful campus, keep it cool, colorful and casual this summer. Remember to pack the sunscreen, grab your sunnies and take advice from these Broncos so you’re lookin’ good while you make this summer fun!

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