CPP 75th Anniversary Finale: Bronco Madness

CPP 75th Anniversary Finale: Bronco Madness


Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) and Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), Bronco and Events Activities Team (BEAT) weren’t kidding when they said that they were pulling out the stops for a most epic 75th Anniversary Finale.

The festivities were kicked off with the first ever pool party hosted at the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex’s (BRIC) infinity pool.

After spending all afternoon soaking in the warm sun and cool waters of the pool, Broncos were treated to a plethora of tasty options at the food trucks. And there were even more big attractions such as the rock wall, the Euro-bungee jump, the inflatable obstacle course and many arts and crafts stations.

To pump up everyone for the big finale event, CPP and ASI enlisted the help of band Parachute to perform and provide music leading up to the main event. (Stay tuned for our one-on-one interview with the band!)


Finally, the fireworks show began, which had many Broncos feeling as though they were at Disneyland. For a whole ten minutes, the colorful pyrotechnics, which could be seen from Bronco Commons to Lot C on campus, lit up the Pomona skies and had everyone in awe.  If you missed out on this once in a lifetime event on campus, feel free to check out this video from up in the air, courtesy of Cal Poly Pomona.

After the fireworks show, On The Go DJ Pro dropped a few beats to continue the celebrations for the rest of the night while everyone else continued on their way to the T-shirt making and henna tattoo stations, roller skating with friends at the rink, and snag free freshly made mini donuts and kettle corn

Many of the students in attendance, like Thu Nguyen, a second-year psychology student have never attended a Midnight Madness prior to CPP’s 75th Finale.bronco-madness

Nguyen said she wanted to check out the fireworks show and was happy that she stayed to check out the other booths and activities after the show. She said, she hopes the campus would be able to host an event like this again soon.

“It makes you feel very connected with the school, it felt like all the students were there,” said Nguyen. “Events like this bring the whole campus together. It was nice seeing that.”

Nguyen brought her boyfriend as a guest to the event, Justin Minassi, a second-year business student at Azusa Pacific University, who said it was cool to see another university’s campus activities in student life.

“The fireworks show was really cool; you don’t really see that often at college campuses,” said Minassi.

Beverly Ramos, a third-year liberal studies student, also attended midnight madness for the first time at the finale and said she wanted to see Parachute and sample some of the food trucks at the event.

“It’s really cool that they bring some of these up and coming bands on campus for entertainment at school events,” said Ramos. “And there are so many food choices, they have a lot of the food trucks I want to try here.”

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