U R What U Listen 2: Spring Music Festivals – Coachella

U R What U Listen 2: Spring Music Festivals – Coachella


What a month! April brought in the spring quarter and kicked off music festival season! #URWhatUListen2

The first music festival of April was the coveted Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which consisted of two weekends packed with a wide variety of music, art, food, style, sun and fun in Indio, Calif.


With a venue as vast as the Indio desert, it’s no wonder the 2014 Coachella Festival had a line up consisting of 184 artists (not including the surprise performances) and topped off at 90,000 enthusiasts attending each day! All that action would make it impossible to select just one great moment.

Deciding on whose set to attend and when would be more of a struggle than the 100 degree weather! Erin O’Brien, fourth-year communication major with an option in journalism, described one of the best moments for her to be “watching Lana Del Rey and singing along to her song ‘Video Games‘.” O’Brien felt every emotion of her favorite song in the sea of Del Rey fans.

For many, the immense attraction of these music festivals is not just the artists performing, but the experience itself; attending and being a part of the raw, live performances constantly happening around you.


Taking in every aspect of the celebration was Michael Hari, third-year computer science major, who decided to stray away from his group. He said, the best part of his experience was “Going stag, and having the time of my life meeting new people [with] no one to slow me down whenever I wanted to get to the front [of the stage], or listen to the artists that I want[ed] to.”

Hana Kim, third-year hospitality management major, enjoyed being surrounded by all the rowdy people at Coachella. During Cage the Elephant‘s set Kim explained that “the band was super wild and interactive with the crowd and you could tell both the band and the crowd were just eating it up. I almost got trampled but it was worth it.”



Listening to music (let it be big name artists or local talents), eating, drinking and getting together with friends at music festivals make these events all more enjoyable! Check out this awesome article from Rolling Stone online about the “50 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2014”  highlighting all the surprising and astonishing moments of the event. Also astonishing, you can see your fellow Broncos, Lorraine Young and Naomi Herring, featured in this Rolling Stone publication!


Stay tuned for the next series on Music Festivals U R What U Listen 2: Stagecoach, if you’re more into honky-tonk, rustic and folk music. After that, check out the breakdown on  BEAT’s Rock The Commons.

“May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.”

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