Student I.D. Offers Discounts at Various Venues

Student I.D. Offers Discounts at Various Venues


Now that break is approaching, you’re thinking that you won’t use your I.D. for a while, right? WRONG! Even while school is in session, tons of places offer great discounts to those with a valid student I.D.

The LACMA museum of art in L.A. offers a $5 discount to students with a valid I.D. Usually tickets are $15 for a day pass, but with your I.D., you can get in for $10! A closer museum is the Norton Simon in Pasadena. There, students get in FREE with a valid I.D.

Buzzfeed lists a number of sick deals for those of us college students that really can’t afford to spend the big bucks. You can get 6 free months of 2-day shipping if you sign up as an Amazon student, and if you sign up for Amtrak’s Student Advantage Card, you can save 15% on fares! On Thursdays, AMC offers students movie theater discounts, and Apple is willing to offer up to $200 off a new computer for students. Intrigued? Check out the rest of the article!

Like to shop? J. Crew, Banana Republic and Madewell offer 15% off to students, while Goodwill offers 10%. come get your thrift on!

The Games Room Etc. also offers discounted tickets to AMC and Regal Entertainment Group theater tickets, for a good $3 less than what you’d get at the door, as well as amusement park ticket discounts, some $10 less than the gate price.

So don’t stash your I.D. when you’re out and having fun, but flash it! You’ll never know what kind of deal you’re going to get.