Quick Valentine’s Day Gifts – In case you forgot…

Quick Valentine’s Day Gifts – In case you forgot…



Valentine’s (last minute) Gifts

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed all the red and pink, heart-shaped everything, and yummy candy selection at the stores… but all that jazz is for a consumer holiday – known to many as Valentine’s Day. This “day of love” is and will be celebrated tomorrow, Feb. 14.

If this is the first you are hearing about this (procrastinate like many college students) or had midterms on the brain, so you couldn’t fit this day in with all your cramming, you do not have much time to come up with a gift for you sweetheart, loved one, or best bud! DO NOT PANIC. *Breathe.* Everything is going to work out. How and why?!

Well, it will be alright because of a little warmhearted writer named Amanda (that’s me!).

Of course, you could hit the flower department and buy a dozen roses, a card and a heart-shaped box of chocolates but who’s got the dinerofor that? So I have compiled a few alternative (and fairly cheap) last minute gift ideas you can work on today.

1. “Dynamite” Homemade Gift

Hand-crafted gifts are always appreciated because one – you took the time out of your busy schedule to make/create something and two – a home-made gift is a crowd pleaser (prepare for the compliments and jealous gushers that will bombard you and your crafty personal gift-giving abilities).

Here is a quick, corky and clever gift idea. If you can run to the bookstore, grocery store or gas station grab a couple packs of Rolos, red paper, black fuzzy pipe cleaners (or ribbon) and tape. With these instructions you can craft a dynamite Valentine gift, sure to spark your sweethearts interest.


2. Photostrip (no photobooth necessary)

I would assume that the person you will be gifting is a frequenter in your life and photos. With this in mind, one of the easiest things to do is compile your four or five favorite photos together and make a photo strip. You can slip this little gift into your Valentine’s card, mail box or just hand it over.

One way to spice up the photos and get the perfect square sized image for your photo strip is to use Instagram photos. If you have accumulated some already, you are more than half way done with this project.

If not, you do not have to upload a bunch of photos of you and this person to your Instagram. All you need to do is turn your phone onto airplane mode, then start to upload and edit your photos through Instagram. Airplane mode blocks the uploading capability but Instagram will still save your photos to your camera roll. Now to assemble your photo strip Click Here, to get the step-by-step process.

3. Coupons (and no, not the “big savings” kind)

Here’s a gift idea for the Lovahs. I’m sure you’ve seen, heard, received or given birthday, Valentine’s day or Christmas “coupons,” “typically good for one … [fill in the blank].” This blog shows an awesome and more official version of these coupons, Here.

4. But wait…there’s more!

If none of these homemade Valentine gifts are for you, here are 50 additional ideas for making your own Valentines.

Now that I got you covered on the gift or gifts, here are a few more V-day ideas you can employ, in case you have zero plans for the day.

Date night dinner options for V-day.

Valentine’s Day plans for you, whether you’re single or taken.


Happy Valentine’s Day