The Spirited Side of CPP Homecoming

The Spirited Side of CPP Homecoming

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This year’s Homecoming started out with a clash of Fire & Ice, and ended with a winning cheer, but that was not what set it apart from last year’s Homecoming. The weekend was spirited, fun and memorable.


Friday was full of eager students excited to see the bonfire and skate circles on the ice. Saturday was full of ultimate Bronco spirit. With the concerts, Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) organization booths, food trucks, rides and the basketball games, everyone could find something to do.


While Friday night was more about finding tasty morsels to sample and paving way on the ice, Saturday was where it really started to heat up. Not only were there tons of Broncos, alumni and families wearing green and gold spirit wear, but the fields out by Kellogg Gym were filled with spectators and browsers. Clubs and other CPP organizations had their booths set up all across the field. I saw plenty of students with ‘CPP’ and ’75’ painted across their faces in green and gold, as well as stuffed broncos cradled in the arms of those sporting the ‘create your own’ green and gold sunglasses.

Once Andy Grammer hit the stage, spectator upon spectator crowded around, cheering and laughing. After Grammer’s performance, he stuck around to take pictures with every one of his fans.


After Grammer’s show, it was just about time for the CPP basketball games. Both games were against Cal State East Bay, who was as good as they were aggressive. The CPP band kept rallying up the crowd, and Billy Bronco had more than a few dance moves to show off. The women’s teams played first and CPP defeated East Bay with a minute left in overtime, ending the game with a score of 75 to 70. Broncos were screaming, the flag-bearer was running across the floor and East Bay stormed out with disappointed expressions on their faces. They definitely played well, but WE WON!

The men’s game, though still exciting, did not have as many close calls. CPP Broncos were always one-uping East Bay, keeping the score at least 20 points over East Bay through both periods. By the end of period 2, the Broncos had maintained a score of 73, while East Bay only had 53.

It’s safe to say that Homecoming was a great event, full of fun, spirit and unity. And the best part? Andy Grammer (#fangirl), and winning both of our basketball games! GO BRONCOS!

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