Three Things You Need to Know About ASI Elections

Students in the elections committee

We’re four weeks into winter quarter, and it’s time for you to start thinking about the future of your college experience and the impact you want to make here at Cal Poly Pomona. Perhaps you want to run for a student government position or you want to take part in the elections process but you don’t quite know where to start?

ASI Elections Chair, Andrea Cendejas, walked us through the process of elections, the elections committee, its purpose and her duties as elections chair.

What is your job as Elections Chair?
Well first, I have to be really familiar with the elections codes and requirements.  It’s my job to make sure that we have enough candidates for each college; it’s important that [the constituents] feel well-represented and that they have enough choices.  I had a lot of meetings in the fall to prepare what needed to be done for winter quarter, including working with Gas Creative Group for marketing for elections and concept ideas. Toward the end of fall I started planning for forming the elections committee, which is also what I am working on.

What is the Elections Committee?
These are the people (students) who will work with me to make sure that each candidate goes through the whole elections process. The committee and I also have to make sure that each candidate is qualified and that they go to the mandatory information session.  We market and prepare the presentations for those information sessions. This is also when we give the elections packet to applicants. In the spring, we have to make sure candidates follow the code and that there are no violations. If there are any violations, we need to report them.

What are the requirements to become a candidate? 
All candidates must fill out an elections packet, which includes an ASI Student Leader Form, an essay and they have to meet the California State University eligibility standards. The CSU eligibility standards include, a 2.0 GPA, at least two quarters at CPP, taken at least nine credited units and in good standing with Judicial Affairs. Beyond that, candidates for each position need a certain number of signatures from the student body.

For more information, visit asi.csupomona,edu/studentgov. Like the ASI Elections Facebook page, follow @asielections or visit the ASI Student Government office Room 1341 in the Bronco Student Center across from Round Table Pizza.