ASI Art Program

The ASI Art Program promotes cultural and artistic enlightenment within the campus community. The Bronco Student Center (BSC) displays works of art through short-term exhibits in the Bronco Exhibit Gallery organized in collaboration with the ASI Art Acquisition Committee and Student Activities and Programs Office.

Maria-Lisa Flemington
(909) 869-4829 or

Art Student Spotlight: Spring 2018

Exhibition Dates: March 29 to June 1

Location: BSC, Ursa Minor/Andromeda Hallway

Featured Artists:
Xenthea Fung-Bernal
Christopher Landeros
Danielle Giberti
Sarah Martinez
Michael Flores
Kaitlin Rickerl
Nicole Goss
Zane Landin
Alexander Chubb
Ethan Moll

CPP students of any major were given the opportunity to submit their artwork to be featured in our Bronco Exhibit Gallery for all of Spring Quarter. A wide variety of art was accepted, such as dance, poetry, 3D design, architecture, photography, game design, illustration, and more. Submissions were evaluated on the basis of composition, overall quality of work, color, and subject matter.