ASI Art Program

The ASI Art Program promotes cultural and artistic enlightenment within the campus community. The Bronco Student Center (BSC) displays works of art through short-term exhibits in the Bronco Exhibit Gallery organized in collaboration with the ASI Art Acquisition Committee and Student Activities and Programs Office.

Maria-Lisa Flemington
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Submit Your Art for the Art Student Spotlight: Anthropos Exhibit

Art Student Spotlight: Anthropos | Art Exhibit | BSC (Bldg. 35) 2nd floor Ursa Minor Hallway | April 9 – May 3, 2019

Art Student Spotlight: Anthropos exhibit allows for students to submit their artwork for an opportunity for it to be displayed in the Bronco Exhibit Gallery. This spring semester we are taking an anthropological approach and asking CPP students to fit the theme of exploring humanity. The selection of these arts works reflect a glimpse of humanity through social, political, and ecological means. Just as in anthropology, the practice of cultural relativism (the idea of one’s worldview should be examined through their lens) is the primary objection for this exhibition. In showcasing the diverse capturing and interpretations of perspectives and experiences, this “snapshot” glimpse can offer their case. It may challenge ideas or sympathize with others, but to create discussions of their interpretation should be the first step in attempting to understand their perspective.

Would you like to contribute to this exhibit? The BEAT Art Program is currently accepting submissions from now until March 1. Click the link below and submit your best work!

BEAT Art Program Submissions

Upcoming Exhibits

Denim Day | Art Exhibit | BSC (Bldg. 35) 2nd floor C&E Curved Wall | April – May, 2019

An exhibit aimed at bringing awareness to prominent issues of sexual violence and giving survivors a platform to speak of their experiences.

Healing Tree | Interactive Art Exhibit | BSC (Bldg. 35) Credit Union Patio | May 1 – 13, 2019

In correspondence to Mental Health Awareness Month and the stressful befalling of final weeks, Healing Tree is meant to be a vessel for your healing. Share your healing process; let us know how you strive to change that what is affecting your health. Let us hear your desires, wishes, thoughts, or prayers; and together recognize that we are all walking along similar paths.