ASI Art Program

The ASI Art Program promotes cultural and artistic enlightenment within the campus community. The Bronco Student Center (BSC) displays works of art through short-term exhibits in the Bronco Exhibit Gallery organized in collaboration with the ASI Art Acquisition Committee and Student Activities and Programs Office.

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Be a Part of the Artist Alley at Geek Week 2019!

The Associated Students, Inc. Bronco Events & Activities Team at Cal Poly Pomona is hosting a week long event titled Geek Week 2019: Into the Bronco-verse from March 18 – 22, 2019!

The Artist Alley will take place on March 19, 2019 from 5 – 9 pm at the Bronco Student Center, Ursa Major (BSC, Bldg. 35-2611) at Cal Poly Pomona. Artists have the opportunity to sell or exhibit their artwork. There is no fee to participate. Artists will be taken on a first come, first serve basis as spaces are limited. Returning artists will have priority.

Applications are due no later than February 20, 2019.

Sign up for a spot here:

If you have any questions, please contact Arianne Coleto (

Submit Your Art for the Art Student Spotlight: Anthropos Exhibit

Art Student Spotlight: Anthropos | Art Exhibit | BSC (Bldg. 35) 2nd floor Ursa Minor Hallway | April 9 – May 3, 2019

Art Student Spotlight: Anthropos exhibit allows for students to submit their artwork for an opportunity for it to be displayed in the Bronco Exhibit Gallery. This spring semester we are taking an anthropological approach and asking CPP students to fit the theme of exploring humanity. The selection of these arts works reflect a glimpse of humanity through social, political, and ecological means. Just as in anthropology, the practice of cultural relativism (the idea of one’s worldview should be examined through their lens) is the primary objection for this exhibition. In showcasing the diverse capturing and interpretations of perspectives and experiences, this “snapshot” glimpse can offer their case. It may challenge ideas or sympathize with others, but to create discussions of their interpretation should be the first step in attempting to understand their perspective.

Would you like to contribute to this exhibit? The BEAT Art Program is currently accepting submissions from now until March 1. Click the link below and submit your best work!

BEAT Art Program Submissions

Upcoming Exhibits

“This is Me” | Collaboration with Survivor Advocacy Services | Interactive Art Exhibit BSC | (Bldg. 35) 2nd floor Atrium Wall | January 17 – February 28, 2019

In each heart, a name is written with self-identifying core attributes. CORE ATTRIBUTES are qualities or characteristics in life which are most important to an individual.

These hearts displayed were written and gathered in the last year among students. It represents unwavering belief in what they stand for. Students who participated in this activities learned more about themselves and apply their findings towards their everyday relationships.

While these attributes may change with time, it represents values that important to you. When you know your values, you can live a happier life doing what’s most important, and of real value to you. This activity is a way for you to take time to pause and practice self-care by appreciating yourself.

Create your own heart! Come to the BSC (Bldg. 35) 1st floor Lower Lobby on 2/5, 2/12, and 2/19 from 11:30am – 1:00 pm. Materials will be provided.

Love Tree | Interactive Art Exhibit | BSC (Bldg. 35) 1st floor Lower Lobby | February 1 – February 28, 2019

Share your manifestation of love! In an attempt to examine love as compassion, we ask you to think of love through your expression and expand on what can be loved. We wish to recognize all kind of social bonds: encompassing family, friends, partners, pets, supernatural, and more if wished. Through this tree, we hope to create a communal piece that expresses an innate feeling that we carry as social beings. Share some of your “love” that can linger in the branches of CPP.

Polaroid pictures are available to be taken in the following dates and times at this exhibit location:

February 12, 11 AM – 1 PM

February 14, 12 PM – 2 PM

February 18, 11 AM – 1 PM

February 20, 11 AM – 1 PM

#BlackatCPP | BSC (Bldg. 35) 2nd floor Ursa Major Rotunda | February 1 – February 28, 2019

In recognition of Black History Month, we have composed this art exhibit to recognize the presence of our Black Cal Poly students. We have asked students to pose for a photograph and write what they appreciate the most from themselves as praxis of self-empowerment through their racial identity. Working alongside BroncoLEAD and African American Student Center, we hope you can see and hear their stories through these images.

Don’t forget to take a selfie with the #BlackatCPP and post on your social media, and do your part in letting your voice, power, and identity be heard.

Social and Political Conjunction: Art of Black History | BSC (Bldg. 35) 2nd floor Digital Monitor Space | February 1 – February 28, 2019

African American history must be examined relative to the experience of the Black community; reflecting their racial condition as a marginalized group. Throughout African American history, social and political movements of great importance have always been tied to their notion of being “black”. The art production throughout black movements has always been used as a vessel of expression for said movements and could hardly be distinguishable from their experience. We have divided this Digital Monitor Space into 4 black eras: Post-Emancipation, Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Movement, and Contemporary history making, to help visualize the connection between the socio-political events and art.

Adobe Workshop Series | Art Event | Multiple Locations | February 1 – March 15, 2019

A workshop series that provides lessons about the functionalities and potential uses of Adobe’s Creative Suite Programs to better equip people in their pursuits to develop content creation.

Opening Ceremony | February 1, Noon – 2 PM Ursa Minor (Bldg. 35-2135)

Illustrator | February 7, Noon – 1 PM CPP Library (Bldg.15-2907)

Illustrator | February 8, Noon – 2 PM CPP Library (Bldg.15-2907)

Photoshop | February 21, Noon – 1 PM CPP Library (Bldg.15-2907)

Photoshop and Lightroom | February 22, Noon – 2 PM CPP Library (Bldg.15-2907)

AfterEffects | March 7, Noon – 1 PM CPP Library (Bldg.15-2907)

AfterEffects | March 8, Noon – 2 PM CPP Library (Bldg.15-2907)

Closing Ceremony | March 15, Noon – 3 PM BSC, Ursa Minor (Bldg. 35-2135)

Pixel by Pixel | Art Exhibit | BSC (Bldg. 35) 2nd floor Ursa Minor Hallway | March 1 – March 29, 2019

Originating from classic video games, pixel art is a digital art medium where illustrations are created on a pixel by pixel level. To showcase and bring light to this medium, artists from California were selected to contribute to this exhibit by sending their artwork to display.

Pixel by Pixel | Reception | BSC, Andromeda Suite (Bldg. 35-2341) | March 12, 2019 Noon – 1 PM

All are welcome to look at the artwork and interact with the artists featured in this exhibit. Refreshments will be provided.

Art Student Spotlight: Anthropos | Reception | BSC, Ursa Major C (Bldg. 35-2611) | April 9, 2019 Noon – 1 PM

In order to recognize the artistic creations of campus students, we will be having an Art Reception for the selected contributors to the Art Student Spotlight: Anthropos. The Reception will be in an Art Gallery style allowing for the audience to view the works, discuss and enjoy the free food provided. We will also be having Awarded Winners for selected pieces that met exceptional execution in regard to the theme (Exploring Humanity). Come and explore the gallery and engulf yourself in an artistic space.

Healing Tree | Interactive Art Exhibit | BSC (Bldg. 35) Credit Union Patio | May 1 – 13, 2019

In correspondence to Mental Health Awareness Month and the stressful befalling of final weeks, Healing Tree is meant to be a vessel for your healing. Share your healing process; let us know how you strive to change that what is affecting your health. Let us hear your desires, wishes, thoughts, or prayers; and together recognize that we are all walking along similar paths.

Denim Day | Art Exhibit | BSC (Bldg. 35) 2nd floor C&E Curved Wall | April – May, 2019

An exhibit aimed at bringing awareness to prominent issues of sexual violence and giving survivors a platform to speak of their experiences.