About ASI

Collage of ASI Employees in the ASI logo shape

Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) is more than just student government. We are a non-profit corporation serving students on many levels.

There are many ways that ASI impacts your life as a student. For example, even if you’re not directly involved with ASI you can still take advantage of the services it provides when you visit the Bronco Student Center (BSC), which is operated by none other than ASI.

These services include Center Court, Games Room Etc., Marketing, Design and PR, Intramural Sports, the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC), the Children’s Center and much more. Other ASI programs are the Bronco Events and Activities Team, better know as BEAT which put on a variety of events throughout the year. Let’s not forget ASI Student Government where you can become directly involved with students representation on campus.

ASI provides student representation at the campus level and at the California State University system-wide level. It also offers leadership development through student government, student-led programming, student employment and student involvement in a wide array of ASI programs and services. We fully support the enrichment of student life by providing annual funding for student clubs and organizations, diversity programs, and academic support programs.

How We Do It

We are able to operate in the way that we do based on our motto “students serving students.” At Associated Students Incorporated, we are made up of student leaders, student staff and non-student staff. A majority of ASI programs and services are run by students and guided by professional staff.

We fully believe that our learning-centered environment enables students to get the hands-on learning that they would not always learn in the classroom that will prepare them for their future.

Our Mission

Foster student advocacy, representation, engagement and academic success.

Establish opportunities for learning, leadership and development for students and its staff.

Create an environment that promotes collaborative partnerships, cultural diversity and campus pride.

Provide high quality facilities, programs and services to students, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni and the off-campus community.

Our Vision

ASI’s Vision Statement was developed through extensive consultation with staff at ASI Team meetings, several discussions at ASI Cabinet and Senate meetings and input from the student body via the social media poll. The vision statement for the next five years conveys ASI’s intent to make a difference for students, as follows:

“Enhancing the student experience”

Our Motto

The motto of ASI reflects the pivotal role that student leadership plays in serving the student body.

“Students Serving Students”

Our Values

The values of the Associated Students Incorporated (ASI), Cal Poly Pomona are the ideals that we embrace and strive to achieve. These values serve as the cornerstone of ASI‘s philosophy, which upholds the motto of the organization, “students serving students,” and its mission- to promote the development of all its members.


Integrity conveys character and accountability. We strive to maintain integrity by exhibiting the highest degree of professionalism and consistently setting a good example.


Honor stands for the highest standards of honesty, truthfulness and virtue. We uphold honor by acknowledging and validating the core principles of every individual.


Dedication exemplifies our deep commitment and passion for the mission of the organization, as manifested in our work and interaction with the student body and the campus community. Dedication inspires us to look out for the interests of the organization and the student body we serve.


Loyalty provides the foundation for our connection with the student body and the campus community. Loyalty bonds us together to uphold the dignity and stature of the organization seek its continued improvement as well as foster campus spirit and pride.


Respect represents the regard and esteem that we demonstrate for each other, each student and each community member. Through respect, we nurture an environment that is accepting of the beliefs and opinions of the others and upholds the dignity of all.