2019 ASI Elections Candidates

Make your voice heard and cast your vote for your 2019-2020 ASI Student Government!

Online voting starts on Monday, April 15 at 7:00 a.m. and ends on Thursday, April 18 at 7:00 a.m.

Results will be announced on Thursday, April 18 from noon – 1:00 p.m. at University Park.

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President and Vice President

Joshua-Hernandez headshot

Joshua Hernandez

ASI President

Cal Poly Pomona has made monumental efforts to advance our university to help students succeed. With new branding initiatives and larger incoming classes, our university has elevated the recruitment and retention of students. I will complement this by providing “a NEW student experience” within ASI that focuses on campus pride, develops students serving other students, and enriches student clubs and organizations.

My desire to run for ASI President at Cal Poly Pomona came from my family. My mother, sister and cousins are CPP alumni. They always shared their pride in Cal Poly Pomona`s academics, student opportunities, and alumni connections. As a first generation Cuban American, I was always told to take advantages of the opportunities in front of me. This philosophy has led me to become a passionate leader serving as the Interfraternity Council President, Outreach Supervisor at ASI Campus Recreation, and Phi Kappa Tau Vice President of Alumni Relations, just to name a few. In these roles, I have represented hundreds of students on campus, grown my network within numerous on-campus organizations, and have developed a strong sense of natural leadership.

If elected, I would inspire more university pride by creating collaborative events with athletics, promote Bronco pride, and increase awareness of ASI events through enriched and inclusive marketing. In order to elevate our student experience, student feedback will be used as a tool to enrich the student experience and fulfill student needs while providing a student voice. Vote for “a NEW student experience.”

Fernando-Andrade headshot

Fernando Andrade

ASI Vice President

At Cal Poly Pomona I have been privileged to engage in opportunities of leadership and service, and I want to see to it that every student is extended opportunities to enjoy their student experience . As a first generation student I know how daunting and isolating it can be to attend college. Our administration will see to it that every student has the opportunity to have an engaging student experience, because no one should feel like they do not belong. In turn, our administration will provide “a NEW student experience,” which will increase school spirit, further develop on “students serving students”, and enrich clubs and organizations.

Coming from a family of healthcare professionals, I have carried a deep rooted passion for service. I have carried this passion serving as an Inter-Hall Council Senator and more recently as the ASI Inter-Hall Council Senator-at-Large. Additionally, sitting on both ASI and university wide committees has helped me gain a deep knowledge of the workings of ASI and especially how to better utilize resources to impact students and the student experience at Cal Poly Pomona.

“A NEW student experience” is more than just unique programs and partnerships, but a reevaluation of the methods that ASI Student Government and other departments in ASI are utilizing, in order to better serve students. If elected, our administration will provide holistic and inclusive representation, by employing comprehensive feedback to better channel the student voice into the workings of ASI, so that “a NEW student experience” is accessible to all.

Diego Montoya headshot

Diego Montoya

ASI President

Hello! My name is Diego Montoya I am running for the position of ASI President at Cal Poly Pomona. As a third-year business major, I have had firsthand experience in partaking in many positions within ASI, clubs and organizations alike. My time at ASI began freshman year in the Marketing department, where I had the privilege to present and demonstrate what ASI is, our mission, and ways to get involved to incoming freshmen and transfers. That year I assisted in establishing a Basketball sports club on campus, where we competitively travel and compete with other university clubs. Since, I’ve met many club presidents, treasurers and advisors in both the Student Government department and Financial Services. Throughout my tenure at Cal Poly, I have met a lot of amazing people, and as your student representative, I will advocate and fight for what the student population wants to see change and improve on campus. Through speaking to many Broncos, issues like parking, tuition and fees increase, and prolonged graduation play a big burden in our day to day lives, and if elected, our team will pursue efforts addressing these issues, as well as student mental health concerns and promote stress-relieving programs. In addition, our ticket has numerous action plans written that will implement, enhance, and increase many aspects on campus to ensure every student has a memorable and supportive experience during their time at Cal Poly Pomona. I would appreciate your vote for me, Diego Montoya, to serve as your ASI President.

Richard Barcelo headshot

Richard Barcelo

ASI Vice President

Hello, my name is Richard Barcelo and I am running as your ASI Vice President for the 2019-2020 academic year. I have been enrolled here at Cal Poly Pomona since 2016 and am a third-year in the Political Science department. As a Political Science major, I have had the fortune of learning the functions required for campaigning, the roles of policy and implementation, the importance of efficacy in our student body, and most crucial the weight of clear and honest politics through great programs such as ASI. My experience with ASI here at Cal Poly Pomona has been in the form of academic and administrative committees and I believe the next step in my career here is to apply my ability in an elected position. The reason for me seeking the position as ASI Vice President is because I believe in the power of collaboration and communication, and the position of Vice President gives me a beautiful opportunity to be involved in many different committees to actually make a difference our student body can feel. My goals ultimately lead to me wanting help bring a positive change for my fellow Broncos, especially as the adjustment to semester has not been an easy one for many, not just students. If elected, I Richard Barcelo will do the best possible job that I can as your ASI Vice President to ensure a more meaningful experience for everyone.

Portrait of Itzia Salinas

Itzia Salinas

ASI President

Hello Broncos, I am Itzia Salinas fourth year architecture major double minoring in gender, ethnicity, and multicultural studies and fashion merchandising. I am running for Associated Students Inc. President. I decided to run for President because I want to continue advocating for the needs students on campus. As I became more involved on campus I recognized the obstacles students had/ have to overcome daily to come to college. Something as simple as housing is a challenge for some students. Alongside the Vice President, we will work to address the Basic Needs Initiative and ensure all students have equitable access and support for college. Focusing on our Poly Pantry as well to help with food insecurity on campus. I also want to focus on financial for both undergraduate students and graduate students. Graduate students in particular do not have the same financial support undergraduate students do. Inclusivity on campus is one of my goals as well. As in example, I want to create programs that all students can accesses. Students who are undocumented can not have a federally funded job because they do not have the proper documentation to be paid. I have been involved in ASI for the past two years serving as the Environmental Design Senator. I also have experience working within University Housing, Foundations, and Undocumented Students Services. All these organizations have provided the tools to learn how to go about certain issues and I have created the connections and partnerships necessary to continue advocating for all students.

Brianahi-DeLeon headshot

Brianahi De Leon

ASI Vice President

Hey Broncos! My name is Brianahi De Leon (Read: Briana-E). I’m a first-generation Hispanic woman with goals of advocating for the under-represented population and making a change. I know, crazy goals for a 5’5” girl that could blend in with high school students, but through my aspirations and wide range of skills I know anything is possible. I’m currently an Urban and Regional Planning major with an emphasis in Urban Design. I represent so many areas on campus: transfer student, first-generation, Hispanic, Law-school bound, and overall a proud Bronco. I’m currently a tutor on campus, a Historian for Hermanas Unidas and American Planning Student Association, and a transfer student in EOP and PolyTransfer. I transferred two years ago from Cal State Bakersfield where I majored in Engineering and held various positions. I was the ASI Director of Educational Events for 2 years, President of Fashion Club, Treasure for Runner Nation, Tutor for TRiO, and Co-Chair for the ASI Programming Committee. With a background in the ASI Student Government, I’m prepared full heartedly for what’s to come. My goal as Vice President is to advocate for the students in order to ensure that their educational needs are met, produce a transparent platform, and increase student involvement. As a low-income first-generation student living on campus, I understand the struggle of paying for tuition, food, and juggling life; therefore, I believe that I’m the right voice to represent the Bronco’s of Cal Poly Pomona.

Portrait of Pasindu Senaratne

Pasindu Senaratne

ASI President

Hi everyone, my name is Pasindu Senaratne and I am running to be your ASI President for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am a third year Finance, Real estate, and Law major and within my time at CPP, I have strived to serve the student body. From my experiences within IHC & ASI as a Senator for Housing, to my current position as ASI Vice President, I have gained the knowledge and experience it takes to lead a team, communicate with others, and positively represent students and CPP on a state and national level. These positions have enabled me to understand how ASI, housing, clubs, and organizations functions, giving me a holistic understanding of the university.

There is a severe lack of recognition on campus for the clubs and organizations that engage the student body. By utilizing ASI resources, we plan to help clubs and organizations not only become more recognized for their programs, but also increase turnout by providing more opportunities for better advertising.

I want to address the various misconceptions on campus surrounding greek life and the cultural centers, by working together with the University.

I believe the key to success is transparency. I want to engage and connect individuals within the campus to not only heighten their college experience, but also improve the reputation of CPP.

When I say I come from Cal Poly, I want them to ask “which one” instead of saying “oh SLO”.

Portrait of Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunter

ASI Vice President

Hey everyone, my name is Rachel Hunter and I’m running to be your ASI Vice President. For three years I have been pursuing a Political Science degree while being actively involved throughout campus. During my time at CPP I have had the privilege of experiencing and thriving in the different aspects of Student Engagement. My time as Treasurer of Gamers Union, President of Young Democrats, ASI SIC Senator, and ASI Senate Pro Tem has made me acutely aware of how desperately the student voice is needed at the University, local, and state level. Over my 2 years at ASI I have fostered relationships with students, administrators, and faculty that can be utilized in order to amplify that student voice.

Through my position of President and Treasurer for a number of clubs, I have felt the struggle of engaging the student body and running a club. Now, after my time in ASI, I have the capacity to aid with that struggle. I believe that Student-run clubs and organizations are the backbone of Student Engagement, and I envision an ASI with the primary function of empowering clubs so that they can give students a place where they belong.

My President and I, with our combined 4 years in ASI, have the vision, drive and experience needed in order to give the Student Body the ASI it deserves.



Portrait of Ruby Abad

Ruby Abad

I would like to become AG Senator because I believe that in this position I would be able to grow both as a person and leader. I am currently serving on the E-board for AG Council which is the umbrella that overlooks all the clubs in the College of Agriculture. I am an orientation leader and a part of Greek life, therefore, I am able to take initiative when needed, have great communication skills, and work well with others. I know the work being AG senator consists of and although it seems like a challenge, I am ready to pursue the task. Through orientation services and AG council, I have also learned how to manage my time wisely and I believe that through my hard work, I will be able to proficiently carry out all of my responsibilities. As a minority, I understand what it is like to feel that our opinions go unheard, therefore, my goal is to accurately represent everyone and anyone that is a part of the College of Agriculture. It would be my honor to be the voice of my college.

Portrait of Delilah Orta

Delilah Orta

My name is Delilah Orta and I am a recent transfer student from Northern California. Because my home is six hours away, I have become accustomed to meeting new people.  I follow the virtues of patience and kindness which help me engage with people in both new and established environments. I set the foundation for a comfortable conversation, which requires both effectiveness of words and one’s ability to listen. When I listen to my co-workers, friends, and even people I have just met, my goal is to understand their wants and needs to provide an environment for a positive relationship. My life experience has taught me to make judgments based off my past and own intuition, teaching me that in any circumstance there is always a way to find a compromise. Finding an outcome that is both efficient and reasonable is by far my greatest strength. I will not promise you something that I cannot give, but I can promise you that I will do my best to deliver what is expected of me. As representative of the student voice I have a responsibility to maintain the bridge between the school and its fellow students. I believe that activities that associate the two are necessary to create a positive relationship. I pledge to uphold the duties of the senator by taking initiative towards financial responsibility and towards speaking on the behalf of the students, because in the end I speak for you.


Fady Djabra headshot

Fady Djabra

My name is Fady Djabra, and I am seeking the position for Senator for Business Administration. I am currently majoring in Computer Information Systems as a second year Cal Poly Pomona student. As a second year student, I’ve been looking at ways to improve my participation at our school. One of the first things I spent time in doing was joining NRHH(National Residence Hall Honorary). In NRHH, we focus on recognizing leaders in the resident halls and providing a way for students to engage in our community. One way our students engage is through events like beach clean-ups, initiatives and others. From this I really want to expand my impact on the community and as ASI Senator I am able to reach out to a broader audience. There are many ways for students to collaborate for the benefit of themselves and others. As Senator I will seek ways to engage in student’s needs and concerns through contact with many students in my major and others in the College of Business Administration. With my experience, I will be able to speak on the behalf of the business community and represent us as a whole.

Portrait of Christie Kuo

Christie Kuo

Hi, my name is Christie Kuo and I am currently a fourth-year CIS major seeking the position of ASI Business Senator. I am pursuing this position because I want to represent my college and be a voice for the students to make a difference on campus. Throughout my career at Cal Poly Pomona, I have been active in several organizations in the College of Business Administration including Students with an Interest in the Future of Technology (SWIFT), Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) Business Fraternity, and am currently serving as Director of Events for Management Information Systems Student Association’s eboard (MISSA). But not only do I devote my time to clubs solely related to my major, I also currently serving as a student peer advisor for all CBA students in the Student Success Center. Through this job, I am able to interact with all students in the College of Business Administration and exposed to the different issues and concerns that the different departments have. I believe what sets me apart is my ability to emphasize with the needs of other students, which is a skill I use in my job as a peer advisor to better assist our students and help them towards a successful graduation and future. Through my experiences in these organizations, I have gained valuable leadership skills and learned how to best collaborate with others professionally. Because of this, I have a greater understanding of the students’ needs and believe that I can best represent the College of Business Administration as its ASI Business Senator.

Collins College of Hospitality Management:

Lucy Yu headshot

Lucy Yu

I, Lucy Yu, have always been social, hardworking, professional, and mature. However, I believe my biggest strength is my drive. Over time, I have found myself constantly wanting to improve in every way possible. This is exactly what I plan to do if I were to be elected as the Collins College of Hospitality Management ASI Senator. As one of the best and well known Hospitality schools in the world I believe the communication line between Cal Poly’s Associated Students Incorporated and Collins College needs to be clear and strong. As the liaison between these two parties, my goal is to influence our student body more effectively. One way I will follow through with this goal is by continuing what I have been doing, which is networking and connecting with our student body. I am currently a second year majoring in Hospitality Management and minoring in Chinese. Through the leadership roles I have held, I’ve managed to expand my horizons and feel compelled to apply these skills. I am currently the Vice President of my chapters National Sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, where I plan and coordinate over fifty events in a year. I have also learned from my experiences in the Club Management Association of America Hospitality club where I have attended CMAA’s annual professional conference and assisted our Director of Communications with the clubs social media and our internal communication to our members. I would be humbled and honored to be elected ASI’s Collins College of Hospitality Management Senator.

College of Education and Integrative Studies:

Christopher Badoyan headshot

Christopher Badoyan

Hello my name is Christopher Badoyan I would like to run for College of Education and Integrated Studies Senator. I want to run for the College of Education and Integrated Studies Senator because I wish to go into Student Affairs when I graduate. That being said I believe this position would be a great opportunity for me to learn more. Along with that I have experience in a wide variety of things, for example I am employed here on campus through PolyTransfer and as result of that I have been able to work closely with CEIS and see how I can help if elected Senator. Along with that my campus involvement I have been on two different Executive boards I was President for Transfer Student Society a club tailored for Transfer Students and am currently working with the next Executive Board to make sure things are set in place so they can recharter in fall. I was also on the first Executive Board for Pi Kappa Alpha here on campus where I served as Sergeant at Arms and in that role I would oversee the election committee, update and write by-laws along with making sure members knew Roberts Rules and meeting ran smoothly. My goals for this position would work to bring more club under CEIS council and help the current clubs by bring more awareness within campus and show why CEIS is an important piece of this campus and highlight the amazing work the students do.

College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences:

Alexis Ramirez Ruiz headshot

Alex Ramirez

My name is Alex Ramirez and I am a third-year Political Science major. During this academic year, I had the honor of serving as the CLASS Representative for the Political Science Club. As CLASS Representative I gave a voice to the concerns and opinions of all my fellow club members. As CLASS Senator I will seek to achieve more than this through my two major priorities. The first one will be to represent the opinions of all CLASS students, in order to bring awareness to all the issues and concerns of our college. My second priority will be to allocate the necessary help and resources for programs that can help support all students. I will achieve these two major priorities by working together with all campus organizations and by allowing my passion to help students guide all my initiatives as CLASS Senator. Although I could have certainly utilized this space to talk about my other qualifications, the fact is that these qualifications are nothing without the passion to help others and bring change. I will utilize my experience and dedicate all my efforts to achieve exactly that; bring change into our students’ government, represent the concerns of our college, and help allocate the necessary attention and resources to help all CLASS students become the best that they can be. As our college continues to grow more diverse, so should our representation in the student government body.

Valerie Silguero headshot

Valerie Silguero

Hello, my name is Valerie Silguero and people me call me Val. I am running for ASI Senator to make a difference during my undergraduate experience. I am a people person and am always trying to help my peers in every aspect. Every day I learn something new about what are school has to offer. When I was in middle school I won Secretary of School and I will always remember what a great experience it was being a role model to my fellow classmates. Ever since I saw the flier to run for ASI student government something inside of me said to give it a shot. Since then I have shared the news to friends and people really think I would be a good representative of our department.

Coming from a large family early on I got first hand interaction with many personalities. To be exact I am one of six children from my parents. Never a dull moment that is for sure. I think coming from a large family it has taught me about accepting the differences of every individual. If I got this position I would want to represent as many people as possible between the shy and the outspoken and everyone in between. Another goal for this position would be to share upcoming events and offer guidance to students who may be having a hard time with difficulties.


Portrait of Behnam Hamedani

Behnam Hamedani

My name is Behnam Hamedani and I also go by Ben. I am from Iran and I recently came to United States to take advantage of the amazing academic opportunities here. I am a second year Electro-Mechanical sys Engineering Technology major and I am running for the Engineering Senator Position. I am currently a Resident Advisor for Cedritos Resident Hall and an Orientation Returning Leader. A majority of the residents I supervise are engineering students from different departments. In pursuit of the senator position, I hope to promote a positive relationship between students, faculty, staff and administration. My goal is to strengthen communication, and effectively address student concerns. I hope to promote a culture of academic excellence in Cal Poly Pomona and to help maintain an environment where students can pursue their goals with less difficulty. I seek to improve my leadership skills within this position and to give back to our campus, college, and students in every way that I can.

Alexander Kimble headshot

Alex Kimble

My name is Alex Kimble and I am a 3rd year mechanical engineering major running for the position of ASI Engineering Senator. If elected, I intend to serve my term under three key policies:

– Fiscal Responsibility. ASI money is your money, and frankly, ASI shouldn’t spend your money in a way that doesn’t benefit you. Priority one is to reduce costs to students, and priority two is to ensure that every student has equal access and opportunity to benefit from ASI services and resources.

– A Voice for Engineering Students. Nearly a quarter of the students who go to Cal Poly Pomona are part of the College of Engineering. Most engineering students have busy schedules with tough classes, so when we have issues with the way things are being run, we don’t have time to make our issues heard. I will make myself accessible, and I will make your needs heard.

– Parking. Parking Sucks. No open spaces, wasting time and gas trying to find a spot, $231 for a permit – it’s ridiculous. The reality is parking permits cost so much because the money from them is used to pay the current parking structure bonds, and adding a new structure would increase the price of a parking permit to $400. We need a parking solution, but under absolutely no circumstances would I be willing to compromise my policy to reduce costs to students.

I wholly believe that a good leader is a servant. Let me serve you.

Augustus Alexander Rodriguez headshot

Augustus Alexander Rodriguez

My name is Augustus Alexander Rodriguez and I am a first-year mechanical engineering student seeking the position of ASI Engineering Senator. As the ASI Engineering Senator I would like to develop a bridge between the College of Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona and the Associated Student Incorporated (ASI) government. As the senator for our college, I would like to connect all engineering students with faculty and staff, as well as available resources to help them succeed and lessen the academic stress, and expand students professional networking.

My leadership experience in science, technology, engineering, and STEM organizations coupled with my leadership experience with the Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout qualifies me to serve as ASI senator. My various leadership experiences have allowed me to recognize and understand the challenges faced by engineering students and the entire student body at CPP. As a first year engineering student, I have been fortunate to become aware of the financial and academic resources available to all students. Unfortunately, most students are not aware of the abundant resources on campus causing them to struggle academically. My goal is to inform our students about the resources on campus that can make their college experience exciting and fun. As an ASI senator for our college, my promise to you is that I will use all my experience, knowledge, and leadership in order to help you succeed as a student, but most of all as an individual.

Robert Tinti headshot

Robert Tinti

My name is Robert Tinti and I am running for the position of Engineering Senator. I am a second year mechanical engineer. I am seeking the position because I would like to represent my fellow classmates on the student government level. I feel that I am qualified for the position because of my success in engineering as well as my leadership roles I had in High School including senior class president. Aside from representing my fellow engineers I want to keep engineers informed. I want my engineers to know about the free tutoring offered on campus. I want my engineers to know the clubs and organizations on campus so that we can be closer as a group but also more involved and most importantly more hireable. I want my engineers to be prepared for career fairs with knowledge of companies prior to arriving. I want my engineers to be more prepared for the workforce than any other college on campus.

Environmental Design:

Portrait of Ozvaldo Ariscorreta

Osvaldo Ariscorreta Jr.

My name is Osvaldo Ariscorreta Jr., and I am a 3rd year Graphic Design student running for ENV Senator. In my time at Cal Poly Pomona, I have faced the difficulty of being involved on campus and pushing through unexpected adversities, all while trying to learn more about the College of Environmental Design. Because of my experiences navigating college life, I wanted a position that would enable me to be more involved with my college, help my fellow peers, and further teach me how to be a representative of Cal Poly Pomona. Serving as ENV Senator is a great opportunity to do just that.

Currently, I am a student staff member with Conference Services at University Housing Services, a position that has taught me the responsibilities that come with being a representative for our university and the importance of maintaining a budget. These skills have molded me into the ideal candidate for the senator position and granted me experiences I feel will help me succeed in ASI.

I understand that being an ENV student can be very expensive and stressful and we would like to see improvements. As a senator, I will work hard to voice your needs and opinions and provide the best tools so that we may have an even greater experience discovering the wonders that come with being an ENV student. I would be honored to serve as ENV Senator and be a connection between you and the campus.


Withdrawn From Ballot


Susana Delgadillo

My name is Susana Delgadillo and I am a Second Year Chemistry Major running for the Position of ASI College of Science Senator. I am seeking this position in hopes of being more involved in the science community and bridging the gap between my fellow students and the influence of ASI.Over the past two years of my college career, it has been a passion of mine to be more involved in Cal Poly Pomona’s various communities. I have been a part of Inter-Hall Council from my first year until now, serving as historian first and then holding a place on E-Board as Director of Administrative Affairs. I am also a member of the SEES and EOP programs which are two amazing groups that are very supportive and resource-rich for any and all STEM Majors.The goals I wish to complete while holding this position are having more programs and workshops that benefit students choosing classes as well as being more actively engaged with College of Science students to encourage more effective communication between ASI and the students.

Portrait of Angel Perez

Angel Perez

Hello Cal Poly Pomona!

My name is Angel Perez, a third year Biotechnology student, and I am running for Science Senator this upcoming Fall. I have had the opportunity to be part of Associated Students Incorporated, under Bronco Events and Activities Team, hold an E-Board position on Global Medical Brigades, and participate in research labs on our campus. The combination of these positions has taught me the true impact that we can have on our academic and extracurricular career here on campus. I have conversed with other clubs within Science Council and I see the need to get more involvement of our students, whether it be organizations or academic programs. As Science Senator, I hope to be an advocate for students in the College of Science who want to get more exposure but may have a heavy course load. Furthermore, I would want to strengthen the communication and interactions between ASI, Science Council, and our students to better relay information and showcase accessible resources. I believe that we can make our college a true community where students can excel and grow, not just a place to take classes. I am looking forward to serving you as your ASI Science Senator and being part of your experience here at Cal Poly Pomona.

Withdrawn From Ballot


Johana Venegas

My name is Johana Venegas and I am running for College of Science Senator. I am currently a fourth year General Biology major, however, I am staying for a fifth year and potentially getting my teaching credential at Cal Poly Pomona. I have previous experience in ASI as the Bronco Events and Activities Team Outreach (BEAT) chair where I focused on outreach, holding volunteer meetings, and event planning. I decided to run for Science Senator because I want the government and committee experience I wasn’t able to get as a BEAT chair. I am also very passionate about helping others, as an orientation leader and an official campus tour guide. With the motto of ASI being “Students Serving Students,” I believe I will be able to help and positively impact a bigger group of individuals. One of my goals as science senator is to connect more with College of Science students and get feedback on anything they want changed or any activities and events they would like to see happen. I also want to get students’ opinions on issues and changes happening on campus so I can best represent them at committee meetings where a lot of big decisions are voted on.


Greek Council:

Portrait of Rocio Antonio

Rocio Antonio

My name is Rocio Antonio and I am a 3rd year Hospitality Management Major. I am seeking the position of Greek Senator because I want to serve my Greek Community in the best way possible. I am currently a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and joined Fall 2016. As a current member of ASI Student Government, I serve as the Collins College of Hospitality Management Senator. In this position I have relayed information to my council about ASI, the committees I sit on, and worked on goals we set forth in the beginning. In addition, I currently sit on 5 committees for ASI, 3 of which are monthly. I am also planning a program with my council and collaborating with different departments in ASI and will be attending the California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS) which is a three day conference in Sacramento where we prepare focus on issues that affect all of our student population; such as advocating for fixing financial aid for all California Students. My goals for the position of Greek Senator are to serve on committees that affect students in Greek Life and help provide all ASI resources to all of the councils under Greek Council. I believe I have gone above and beyond the requirement and expectations of my elected position on Student Government and I plan to continue to do so if elected Greek Senator. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me! I want our voices to be heard!

Portrait of Kellie Reich

Kellie Reich

Throughout my time at Cal Poly, I have gained an immense passion for Greek life and have made it my personal goal to promote its amazing qualities and benefits. My motivation to become more involved lead me to serve as President and Vice-President of my chapter, ZTA. Through these experiences I have been able to gain a vast knowledge about multiple councils including IFC, MGC, NPC, and NPHC. As the newly instated Greek Senator-at-Large for this Spring semester, I have worked closely with both Greek Council and ASI to see the disconnect between the campus and Greek community. Because of this position, I am driven to continue my current projects and tasks to reach my ultimate goal of breaking the negative stigma that surrounds Greek organizations. To accomplish this, I want to host more Greek events that are inclusive of all students, thus providing a space for them to ask questions, make new friends, and become more familiar with Greek life, while simultaneously unifying each of our organizations. I am currently coordinating a repainting of the 2006 Greek mural in the Children’s Center and want to continue to organize more Greek-hosted service events that directly benefit Cal Poly. In order to educate the campus on Greek involvement I would like to implement a semesterly newsletter as a platform for organizations to promote their accomplishments, service projects, and successful events to faculty and students across campus.

Let’s redefine what it means to be a sorority woman and a fraternity man, together.

Inter-Hall Council:

Portrait of Lizeth Machado

Lizeth Machado

A person who is passionate, experienced, and can offer a new point of view to the table is who would be best qualified for the ASI Senator-At-Large, Inter-Hall Council, position. My name is Lizeth Machado, and that is exactly how I describe myself. I am a second year Communications major, and I would be a great candidate for this position because I have served University Housing Services in council and on the Executive Board for two years now. I have community oriented skills, an open mind, integrity, and a drive that will allow me to succeed at Cal Poly through this position. I am currently Cal Poly’s National Communication Coordinator, and through this position I have met students from universities all around the U.S. I’ve gathered many different ideas and perspectives that I want to offer as ASI Senator-At-Large; this will allow me to help better our campus, and offer not only residents but all students a reliable resource for community outreach.

Multicultural Council:

Withdrawn From Ballot


Carla Castillo

My name is Carla Castillo and I am a 3rd year International Business Marketing Major running for at -large Senator to represent the Multicultural Council. As an undocumented student, I seek to promote the intersectional agenda by becoming a voice, a listener and an active ally to marginalized students as well as underserved cultural organizations on our campus. While working as a social justice leader at the Womxn’s Resource Center, I learned the importance of creating a brave space and educating students of the cultural, race, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual and legal identity issues minority students face and effect their academic performance. However, the brave spaces in our centers are not always transferred in professional spaces inside our university. Despite the university hearing the voices of the powerless and as equality is a work in progress, our institution needs to be effectively transformed by the experiences of minority students and staff in order to eliminate the systematic barriers that put minority students at a disadvantage. I believe the Muslim community is consistently discounted, condoms prioritized more than women hygiene products, discrimination of color both in education and professional spaces unpunished, AB540 and DACA students overlooked, Cultural Centers underfunded, and students with both physical and mental disabilities underserved.

My personal and professional goal as a business leader is to bring a race and/or inclusive analysis to business strategies, policies and employee performance that directly affect minority employees. If I am elected, I will support the intersectional feminist agenda for all multicultural organizations.

Portrait of Klarita Hasbun

Klaritza Hasbun

My name is Klaritza Hasbun and I am in my third year at Cal Poly Pomona as a Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies major. I am running for MultiCultural Council Senator in hopes to provide a safe space where people of all backgrounds can come together to not only show who they are, but take part in, share, and learn about the differences among our campus community. I feel that I would best fit this position not only because I myself come from multiple cultural backgrounds, but because I also feel the need to create a space in which everyone feels welcome and comfortable to be themselves without the fear of being judged or discriminated against solely based on where they come from, what they wear, or what they believe in. In the years that I have spent involved with multicultural organizations, I have gained knowledge and interpersonal skills that allow me to communicate openly and effectively while creating a productive and informative dialogue within the community. I feel that this experience is necessary to effectively and efficiently plan and run events based on cultural similarities and differences while being inclusive and willing to take the thoughts and concerns of others into account. All in all, I aspire to create an easy going and fun environment where people can come together to speak on serious issues within the community in an effervescent space.

Portrait of Ravina Soma

Ravina Soma

My name is Ravina Soma and I am running for Multicultural Senator At Large. I am currently a third year Hospitality Management major but I am planning on switching to Management Human Resources. In the past 3 years I have been very involved on campus. I am currently a part of ISA as well as Inter-hall council in which I hold an E-board position. I believe I can use my experience and influence to make a difference as MCC. I am seeking this position because I want to build a community within our campus in which every culture is celebrated and appreciated. As someone who is a part of a minority culture on campus I believe I have a different insight and perspective on how the various cultures and our campus can work together. Some goals I have if I am elected into this position are to make sure that every cultural club on campus is given the same opportunity to thrive and celebrate their culture on this campus whether this be done with monetary assets or simply words of encouragement. I will also use my experience as Chief Programming Officer in IHC to help each club plan programs and fundraisers to enrich our campus with culture. With this position, I hope to enrich the cultural life of Cal Poly Pomona.

Student Interest Council:

Portrait of Nichole Sugita

Nichole Sugita

My name is Nichole Sugita and I am running for Senator of the Student Interest Council. I am a second year and I am majoring in Applied Mathematics. I am the best candidate for this position because I have previous leadership experience and I have big plans for ASI.

My qualifications include 3 years captaining my high school volleyball team, 4 years of customer service experience, and 6 months volunteering for a dog grooming service. By being the voice of my volleyball team when communicating with the referees, I learned how to lead my team in stressful situations. When a disgruntled customer has a complaint, I swiftly diffuse the situation by remaining calm and responding rationally. To give back to my community, I spent hundreds of hours grooming and cleaning dogs and cats. The skills I’ve gained from these experiences make the ideal candidate for this position.

My goals for this position are to give the student body the largest voice they could possibly have and to improve communication between the clubs and ASI. As a senator, one speaks on behalf of the students, and if i become senator, I am open to new ideas and/or activities which requires me to listen to the voices of others and being the medium in which they can convey their ideas and messages to the board. .

I want to be the Senator of the Student Interest Council because I want to become more involved in the campus community and become a representative for ASI. I hope you vote for me to give me the chance to make a difference at Cal Poly Pomona.

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