2018 ASI Elections Candidates

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Make your voice heard and cast your vote for your 2018-2019 ASI Student Government!

Online voting starts on Monday, April 30 at midnight and ends on Thursday, May 3 at 11:59 p.m.

Results will be announced on Friday, May 4.

To vote, click on the 2018-2019 ASI Elections Ballot, then log-in with your CPP credentials.

Should you have questions or encounter any problems voting please contact the Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers at osl@cpp.edu.

Presidents and Vice PresidentSenatorsSenators At Large

President and Vice President

Jennifer L. Greenberg headshot

Jennifer L. Greenberg

ASI President

Hello! My name is Jenny Greenberg and I am running for the position of ASI President for the 2018-2019 school year. I am a third year Sociology Major with an emphasis in Criminology.

Throughout my three years here at Cal Poly Pomona I have consistently taken up leadership roles in order to serve the student body. In my first two years I was involved in Inter-Hall Council and served as the Director of Administrative Affairs, performing treasurer, secretary, and historian duties. This past year I decided to join ASI and was appointed as the Secretary of Internal Affairs, where I have chaired and sat on various committees such as the Student Health Advisory Committee, Semester Conversion Steering Committee, and the Food and Housing Security Initiative Committee, representing student interests and advocating for change.

It is my belief that an active and engaged student body is a healthier student body. I want students to feel more connected to our university and its campus life. Student-run clubs and organizations play a big part in this as they serve the interests and desires of our different populations. I plan to support these groups by keeping them informed on issues facing them and resources available to them, and by providing them as much support as I can so that we can work together to give back to students.

Cal Poly Pomona has given me many opportunities for growth and success and I want to be able to do the same for other CPP students.

Pasindu Senaratne headshot

Pasindu Senaratne

ASI Vice President

Hi everyone, my name is Pasindu Senaratne and I am running to be the ASI Vice-President for the 2018-2019 academic year. I am a second year Finance major and within my time at CPP, I have strived to serve the students. From my experience with IHC as a Senator, to being vice-chair of the University Fee-Advisory Committee, and to my current position within ASI as a Senator-at-large for Housing, I have gained the knowledge and experience it takes to lead a team, communicate with others, and positively represent students and CPP on a state and national level. These positions have enabled me to understand how ASI, housing, and councils function, giving me a holistic understanding of the university.

There is a severe lack of recognition on campus for the clubs and organizations that engage the student body. By utilizing ASI resources, we could help clubs and organizations not only be recognized for their programs, but also increase turnout due to more opportunities for better advertising.

I want to address the social issues such as sustainability and inclusivity. By working together with the University, these issues can be tackled with more hydration stations and gender-neutral bathrooms across CPP.

I believe the key to success is transparency, I want to engage and connect individuals within the campus to not only heighten their college experience, but also improve the reputation of CPP.

“When I say I come from Cal Poly, I want them to say ‘which one’ instead of saying ‘oh SLO”.



Phillip M. Mulholland headshot

Withdrawal on 4/18/18

Phillip M. Mulholland

As a man of integrity, I aim to bring an increased element of justice in the Senate. I seek fairness and balance in my dealings. With leadership experience, I have been in a position of representing my peers. The time I sent at Mount San Antonio College has also given me experience in student government. I am a good listener, and I will bring my skills of effective communication, problem-solving, ambition, and passion for our student government. My goal is to contribute to the best experience for the most students.

Jaylen M. Davis headshot

Jaylen M. Davis

I am Jaylen Davis and I am a second year Animal Science major who would like to represent the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture as Agriculture Senator. I would love to run for this position because through this past year I have learned much about what goes into running a club, council, and organization in relation to ASI and I would love to contribute to making the connection and relationship between ASI and the colleges smoother and easier. This year as the treasurer for Agriculture Council, I noticed there were a lot of areas that left active members and leaders of the college confused especially when it came to how the semester conversion will affect our organizations. I hope to in the new school year, help organizations and clubs transition and become accustomed to the new rules that may come with the semester system. As a Senator, I plan on assisting the council, attending more club meetings, and acting as a direct contact between the members of this college and ASI.


Jeremy Jenanyan headshot

Jeremy Jenanyan

My name is Jeremy Jenanyan and I am a third-year transfer student majoring in FRL. I am pursuing this position as a transfer student, because I want to actively get involved and help make a difference on campus and in the College of Business Administration. I think it is very important for young people of our age to get involved and gain experience in leadership and government roles. During my first year here, I have already taken steps to get involved within the CBA. I have initiated into Pi Sigma Epsilon, a co-ed professional business fraternity, and have gotten involved with Waves, the community service club on campus, becoming their VP of Finance for the 2018-2019 school year. Through these organizations, I have learned a great deal about how to conduct myself and collaborate with others in a professional setting. In addition, by speaking with students of the CBA, I have a greater understanding of the students’ needs and would like to represent the constituents of the CBA by voting on matters that pertain to the students of my college. With these experiences behind me and my dedication to improving student life in the CBA, I feel that I am a qualified candidate for the ASI Business Senator position.

Collins College of Hospitality Management:

Rocio Antonio headshot

Rocio Antonio

My name is Rocio Antonio and I am a 2nd year Hospitality Management Major. I am seeking the position of Collins College of Hospitality Management Senator because I want to connect Collins College to the main campus and continue to build a Cal Poly Pomona community. An example of how I would like to do this is by adding poster holders to the restrooms, where Collins College clubs and other campus organizations, such as BEAT can add flyers for student events. I was first exposed to Collins College through the California Restaurant Associations ProStart Competition. To this day I still volunteer for this organization’s California Competition and National Competition as the Lead Timer and Assistant to the Lead Culinary Judge. I have served as Cedritos Hall Senator, have been a Club Managers Association of America member and am currently serving as Inter-Hall Council President. I try my best to go above and beyond the requirement and expectations of my elected positions and I plan to do so if elected Collins College of Hospitality Management Senator.

College of Education and Integrative Studies:

Kyle Bisson headshot

Kyle Bisson

My name is Kyle Bisson and I am a third year Liberal Studies major. I am running to be the ASI Senator for the College of Education and Integrative Studies, so that I may represent the college in the ASI Senate and ensure that our voices are heard. In this position, I would strive to bring about more awareness of CEIS Council, their events, and the clubs that fall under the council both to CEIS majors, and to the campus as a whole.

I believe that I would be a good fit for this position because of the previous student leader roles I have held at Cal Poly Pomona. Last year, I served as President of National Residence Hall Honorary, and had the opportunity to attend national conferences and represent CPP. In this position, I also served on the executive board of Inter-Hall Council, which I believe has prepared me for serving on the executive board of CEIS Council as the ASI Senator.

This year, I am serving as a Resident Advisor for University Housing Services. In this role, I have learned more about diversity and inclusivity, and how these factors can shape the experience a student has on campus. If elected, I will advocate on behalf of any policies or programs that help to promote diversity and inclusivity on campus.

I have had such a positive experience at CPP and, if elected, I will strive to ensure that current and future students have equally positive experiences.

Kyle Bisson

College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences:

Julissa Loza Mendez headshot

Julissa Loza Mendez

My name is Julissa Loza Mendez and I am a low income first generation, college student with the desire and motivation to succeed. My parents taught me the significance of hard work, responsibly, and speaking out against injustice, values that I hold very dear in my heart. I embrace these values by getting involved in Cal Poly with an open mind and the courage to step away from my comfort zone. Being part of various programs on campus such as the tutors for Educational Opportunity Program, Los Caballeros Mariachi, Psychology and Sociology Peer Mentor, Social Justice Leader at the Women’s Resource Center, and the Prison Education Project Mentor revealed a common theme from all my involvements: leadership and the desire to work with students from diverse backgrounds. I enjoy mentoring students, organizing various events, and finding efficient ways to run programs. I am running for C.L.A.S.S. Senate and I am a junior pursuing a psychology major. I am a resourceful person and an activist who wants to listen to the voices of the C.L.A.S.S. departments.


Alyssa M. Emerson headshot

Alyssa M. Emerson

When I decided to attend Cal Poly Pomona, I promised myself to get involved on our campus. I have served as Freshmen Representative, Vice President and President for the Society of Women Engineers, the Vice President and President for the International Council on Systems Engineering, the Project Management Lead for the Northrop Grumman Collaboration Project, and have been the recipient of the Project Lead the Way and Engineering Scholars scholarships. I have experienced changing my major, working with ASI budgets, understanding the importance of bi-laws, and hosting many workshops on leadership and involvement. As I am approaching my fifth and final year at Cal Poly Pomona, I believe that running for Engineering Senator would tie together all my experiences to allow me to be a voice and mentor for my colleagues within the College of Engineering. If I am elected as Engineering Senator, I plan to support our Engineering Council with their annual and new activities, encourage participation within our college from both students and faculty, and understand our students’ needs in order to thoroughly act as a liaison between the College of Engineering and ASI.

Environmental Design:

Itzia Salinas headshot

Itzia Salinas

Hello, my name is Itzia Salinas and I am a third year Architecture major, as well as a Fashion Merchandising minor. I am declaring my candidacy for ASI Senator of the College of Environmental Design once again. I chose to run for the position because I believe that I can be an adequate continuous representation of the college in ASI. I am the current Senator and would like to keep advocating for the students. One of the main components of my platform is to create a support system for the students of Environmental Design and create a more cohesive atmosphere between all the majors. As Senator, I would forge a deeper relationship between ASI and the college to emphasis the opportunities provided. I will work directly between the students and ASI, acting as your personal advocate. It has become aware to me that some students do not know much about ASI, or their duties, and I will notify you of what ASI does and how it can enhance their college career.

As a senator, I will work to keep a balanced budget that helps the students to work efficiently. As we all know, all of the majors in the college of Environmental Design spend large amounts of money for projects and other school related work and I will work every day to help every student find more economical sources. I also want to advocate for mental health, basic needs, undocumented students, the LGBTQ+ community, and disabilities.


Shane Bonanno headshot

Shane Bonanno

To Whom it May Concern,
I, Shane Bonanno, would like to declare my interest in running for the position of ASI Science Senator. I am a Geology major, and will be in my fifth year this Fall. I am a qualified representative of our school and the College of Science because of my ability to readily adapt to new circumstances, and my eagerness to push my limits as a student and as a worker. I would of course hold myself to the same standard as a student representative. As a representative of our school, and the department of science, I will uphold a high standard for myself and others in the department by always striving to be a better leader.
My goals for the position of Science Senator are to pursue and push for as many student friendly policies as possible. The interests of the students of the college of science will be upheld, and no opinions will be forgotten. I aim for a transparent office where anyone from any department can tell me what is on their mind, and feel that their opinions have not gone unheard.
Thank you for your consideration


Greek Council:

Paulina Stein headshot

Paulina Stein

My name is Paulina Stein, I am a second-year Hospitality major and am very excited to be running for Greek Council Senator At-large. My goals as Greek Senator would include advocating for students and showing them that their voices are heard, getting students more involved with ASI, increasing bronco spirit on campus, and advocating for Greek life.

I am running for Greek Council Senator because leadership has always been a very important part of my life and I love to be involved. This past year I was the ASI Senator of Collins College of Hospitality Management and had the chance to work with many students and faculty, learn how student government works, and create a connection between ASI and CPP Hospitality students. This year, I am running for Greek senator instead because I have become very involved in my sorority in addition to ASI and believe this position is a great way to further my growth in both organizations.

I became a member of Chi Omega my first quarter of college and have since grown so much as a person and a leader. Through this organization I have had the chance to become a volunteer Wish-Granter for our philanthropy, the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I have also been given the opportunity to widen my network, acquire work experience through alumnae sisters, and develop new skills such as painting and calligraphy. I have gained so much from Greek Life and I would truly love to give back.
Thank you and vote for Paulina!

Inter-Hall Council:

Fernando Andrade headshot

Fernando Andrade

I am running for an ASI elected position to further my passion for service, leadership, and community building. I have experience in leadership through multiple board positions in MECHA, including internal affairs and president. Service and leadership have been a large part of my life since my sophomore year of high school. I am currently an IHC senator for Montecito residence hall, where I promote inclusivity, diversity, education, and community building through programs. I want to continue to promote inclusivity, diversity, and community building in ASI, UHS, and Cal Poly as a whole.

Multicultural Council:

Chau Mai Hua headshot

Chau Mai Hua

Hello, my name is Chau Mai Hua and I am running to be the ASI Multi-Cultural Council Senator. I am a second year Business major and over the past two years I have passionately engaged our CPP campus community through my roles in IHC as the Executive Affairs Commissioner, Alpha Phi Omega as the Vice President of Membership for the Theta pledge class and currently serve as the ASI Secretary of Programs and Services. Leading in these positions have given me insight on CPP students’ diverse demographics.

Inspired by the Women’s March 2017, I planned “We Fight For” at CPP, a movement to support the march and create a dialogue for problems marginalized groups face. CPP is one of the most diverse universities in the nation and I hope to establish this through several avenues.

The cultural centers are a safe and inclusive place for students to connect. While they have many resources, I would like to create a plan for in-center tutoring hours and assistance in applying to internships and scholarships. By establishing cultural center-based councils, I will emphasize involvement through leadership opportunities and increased marketing. In addition, I plan on having the cultural centers more involved with the campus community by encouraging greater collaborations with other organizations on campus. I’d work to see each cultural center bring to life both individual and collective annual events.

I aim to celebrate CPP’s diversity through creating a campus community that is inclusive, involved and informed.

Victoria Luna headshot

Victoria Luna

My name is Victoria Luna, I am a 3rd year Business Financing, Real Estate, and Law major and I am running for Multicultural Council Senator. As MCC Senator I look forward to building a stronger platform for all MCC clubs/organizations by creating a more active voice. I also look forward to increasing the liveliness of the MCC and clubs by organizing more events and therefore exposing them to campus life. I am a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated, an academic and cultural sorority whose purpose is to develop strong leaders who will promote and establish diverse environments. I currently serve as the Recruitment and Retention chair where I plan events and host social, political, and educational workshops. I have also served as Treasurer for Hermanas Unidas where I was given the opportunity to network with several MCC organizations. Through both LTA and Hermanas Unidas I have had the opportunity to be actively involved on campus and within the community, creating a safe space and voice for minorities. I plan on using my experiences to address the needs of the MCC and clubs and further develop a foundation where underrepresented communities can be heard.

Malik's headshot

Malik Hodge

For many minorities, stepping foot on a university campus for the first time, is nearly unimaginable. A sensation comparable to that of Neil Armstrong in his exploration of the moon. With this new chapter, comes an innumerable barrage thought and emotions that go far beyond first day gitters. Being a first year transfer student at Cal Poly Pomona, this feelings resonates with me all too well as I am sure is the case for many first generation college students. The pressures to succeed not only for you, but for your family. The big question of exactly where it is that you fit, and they don’t stop there. Fortunately, I was soon introduced to the African American Student Center. Here I met a multitude of individuals, some who come from a similar background and sharing the very same values and traditions engraved in me from my family, and others who hailing from across the globe who bring an entirely different perspective. It was here that I, as well many other minorities across the university have found solace. The Cultural Centers serve an important purpose for the success of many students within our Bronco Nation, one that cannot be ignored nor taken for granted. But I believe there is much more to be done, and with the appropriate allocation of funds and resources we can work to propel the impact these Centers have, that much further. It is my hope, that in occupying the position for Senator-at-Large Multicultural Council I will be able to do my part in ensuring the Cultural Centers receive the resources necessary to continue to provide solace and support for Broncos to come.

Student Interest Council:

Rachel Hunter headshot

Rachel Hunter

Hello my name Rachel Hunter and I am a second year Political Science major. I’m running to become the Student Interest Council (SIC) Senator-At-Large for the 2018-2019 academic year. In the past year I have participated at every opportunity including serving as the 2017-2018 SIC Senator-At-Large, in CPP’s National Model United Nation Delegation, and serving as Treasurer for Gamers Union. These opportunities have allowed me to grow as a professional and as an individual.

As ASI SIC Senator-At-Large, I served on many committees ranging from Finance Committee, Rules and Policies Committee, and BEAT Committee. These Committees have allowed me to be the voice of my constituents, and vote based on their needs. I also participated in Cal Poly Pomona’s Model United Nation Delegation, winning Distinguished Delegation. I also served as Treasurer of Gamers Union, which is a club within SIC.

I’ve learned so much in the past year, and I want to apply it next year while serving as ASI SIC Senator-At-Large.

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